Why I Quit Caffeine

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I'm writing this to you after being up until 3 in the morning because I drank a matcha latte at 3 the afternoon. That's how sensitive I am to caffeine now after quitting, and I think that a lot can be said for that!

I didn't always used to be this way, ohh no. Starting out my caffeine journey with Dunkin Donuts iced coffees when I was about 12 (heavily sugar and creamed), then bingeing on any form of caffeine I could get my hands on in college from Mountain Dew, Red Bull, to double Italian espressos multiple times a day when I studied abroad in Florence, Italy, to even more recent years where I would need 3 cups of coffee to make it through the day at my corporate job!

You probably recognize the cycle: wake up, drink coffee all day to stay 'awake,' then drink wine at night to 'shut down.' This isn't healthy pattern at all, yet so many people do it.

So as you can see there was an unhealthy attachment I had to caffeine, in any form. Any addiction or attachment always stems from a root cause. I honestly feel like caffeine dependence is perpetuated so much in our society, that it's almost this mindset that you need the caffeine in order to do, work, function, be. I didn't think twice and just did used it because I felt like I needed to, it was my friends were doing and that's what I saw growing up.

Well I've found out through my own experience that that is simply not true. In fact caffeine did a lot more damage than good for me. Last fall when I quit my corporate career to start my blog and conscious wellness business, anxiety was at an all time high for me and it was affecting my physical health too, with gastritis and heart burn.

I looked for ways to naturally reduce my nerves and acid reflux, while addressing the root cause of my anxiousness, uncertainty for the future mixed with grief from my dad's passing just a few years before.

I was on psychotropic medication, and was looking for natural ways to ease the anxiety outside of the medication.

I just had so much unrest, that wasn't being made any better by caffeine jitters so I was willing to try something else. So slowly I started adding in coffee alternatives, such as green teas and Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee, and reduced my intake slowly. I was having a couple cups of coffee a day for about a couple months, then only one for a few weeks more, until I finally weaned myself off in November of 2017.

Now, here's what's interesting. Since I don't drink any caffeine at all, when I do happen to once in a blue moon, it affects me so much. As in, I have a cup of caffeinated tea in the afternoon and I can't sleep until 4 in the morning. That's how much of an effect it has on our bodies, when we don't have a tolerance for it regularly! Especially for me, I've learned that I'm a highly sensitive person so I get affected really easily.

I now have enough energy to live my life and be productive, without the need for caffeine. It is possible!

When you build up a tolerance to caffeine, there is so much stress on your body as a whole, that you're not even feeling it anymore. Not good at all! By the way this totally used to be me. I could drink coffee & tea at all times of the day and night and wasn't affected at all.

I believe my adrenals were hit pretty hard from this in college 9 years ago until most recently in 2017, and I just was able to address this in my health & wellness now. College in and of itself is such a stress on our adrenals, but that's a whole other post for another time.

I don't want any dependence on a substance that would hurt me physically if I didn't have it (like withdrawals and not being able to function) and that's what caffeine was doing to me.

Now I wake up ready for the day, and if I need to focus on my writing I use my doTERRA In Tune Focus blend oil on my temples or Rosemary in the diffuser. I take my plant-based supplements, Life Long Vitality and Mito2Max Energy and Stamina Complex, which give me all the energy I need for the entire day. It is possible people!

My journey as of late has been undoing so many teachings and norms that I picked up from my environment and conditioning. We don't really need coffee for energy, and the fact of the matter for me was, if I needed to chug coffee at a job all day then clearly it wasn't a career that was energizing or fulfilling for me on its own.

So now I just need to remember to not drink anything caffeinated in the afternoon (even if it's tea!) so I can stay as healthy and balanced as I am. There are so many alternatives too that include herbal loose leaf tea, smoothies, and juices. I have to say the supplements I take make it so I have so much energy without depending on these alternatives. They are an investment that take care of my health: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

If you're noticing there are a lot more cons than pros for you for drinking caffeine, or you want to feel less anxious and stressed, I'm here to tell you it's possible to quit caffeine! Because if I was a Red Bull and espresso guzzling caffeine junkie and I did it, then so can you!

If you would like to learn more about natural solutions I talked about like Life Long Vitality, InTune, Rosemary and Mito2Max, send me a note at emily@guidetowholenesshealing.com

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