Top 10 Essential Oils for Meditation

As someone with an avid practice in meditation, I started my search for which essential oils could enhance and deepen my spirituality and meditation practice. Learning about meditation over the last few years has exposed me to all types of meditation, including Buddhist, Zen, Shambahla, and Tibetan. A common thread between most meditations, excluding Buddhism, was the use of essential oils in spiritual practice.

Essential oils are highly vibration plant materials derived from the bark, seeds, and flowers of plants.

Based on the type of essential oil, there are different properties that can deepen your practice by grounding you, shutting off mental chatter, and calming you so you can connect with your highest self.

Here are the top essential oils for meditation which have these qualities:

Sandalwood: The oil of sacred devotion. Calming, spiritual clarity, surrender, connected to higher consciousness, stillness, non-attachment to wealth, fame, and need for acceptance

Bergamot: The oil of self-acceptance. Uplifting, assuring, restoring, instills feelings of self-worth, optimistic

Patchouli: The oil of physicality. Recovering, stabilizing, physical presence, release of self-judgment, grounding, body connection and acceptance, stable, balanced

Frankincense: The oil of truth. Instills feelings of unification, induces meditative states, stress reducing, healthy neurological function, protected, wisdom, spiritually open

Copaiba: The oil of unveiling.  Experience deeper meaning in life and help expose past pain hidden in the heart, mind and body; feeling worthy, self-aware, clarity, forgiven, redefinition of self, and purposeful existence; forgiven, redefinition of self

Vetiver: The oil of centering and descent. Reassuring, regenerating, enduring, grounding, aware and connected

Myrrh: The oil of Mother Earth. Healing, nurturing, physical presence, safe in the world, healthy attachments, nurtured, secure, grounded, trusting

Cedarwood: The oil of community. Grounding, community, emotionally connected, belonging, supported

Ylang Ylang: The oil of the inner child. Reduces anxiety, calming, playful, intuitive, joyful, healing, innocent

Black Pepper: The oil of unmasking. Emotional honesty, courage, self-awareness, courageous, integrity, authentic

I pulled these descriptions from the book Emotions & Essential Oils: A Reference Guide for Emotional Healing, I highly recommend picking up this book.

To feel the effects, you can simply smell the essential oils from the bottle, diffuse in a diffuser, or mix it with your preferred oil to apply it to your neck or chest. Or make your own roller ball with supplies you can buy on Amazon!

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