Top 20 Essential Oils for Stress

We are experiencing stress more and more today as life is moving faster than we can keep up with. How do you manage stress naturally and practically? Stress affects us on a physical level, and when a stressful condition is perceived it activates a fight or flight response in the body.

This then releases cortisol. When stress becomes chronic, serious situations manifest and overtime your brain loses the ability to form new connections or even process new senosr information. Digestive issues, headaches, back pain, asthma, back pain and body pain manifest.

The reaction to stress is in how you perceive it. So changing your mindset and reprogramming your thinking can help to change your response to stress. Perhaps you're experiencing this now, so many of us are.

The amygdala portion of our brain, associated with fear and fear conditioning, is an ancient tool (often referred to the reptilian brain) that is the only area of our body that can be affected and influenced by smell. Smell, especially for our ancestors, is a means of survival. Imagine, you smell an essential oil and within 30 seconds your brain and therefore mood is influenced.

Aromas have a direct and profound effect on the deepest levels of the body systems, emotions, and psyche. We have only three types of receptors for sight but an amazing one hundred distinct classes of smell receptors.

While positive thinking, sleep, support, meditation, nutrition, and exercise are all ways to manage stress, essential oils affect your body and mind directly in the fastest amount of time, making them a key part to your stress management toolkit. I recommend specific blends to use for my coaching clients, and consider them essential for maintaining 'homeostasis' in our modern world.

Using essential oils changes this reaction in our body and quickly shifts it to homeostasis. This is actually healing your body and cells, and so your cells are strengthened then they lessen the fight or flight response in the future. Not only are they healing stress they are preventing it.

Alternatively, synthetic psychoactive drugs that treat anxiety and depression don't heal your body, they actually make your body dependent on this outside source to function at homeostasis over time, along with numerous negative side effects.

The essential oils interrupt the fight or flight response on a physiological level, and there are numerous solutions you can use listed here:

Single Oils (remedies for anxiety)


Roman chamomile

Wild orange

Douglas Fir










Ylang Ylang

Petit Grain



Balance Grounding Blend: This smells heavenly, and balances mood while reducing stress and trauma

Serenity Restful Blend: A sweet smelling aroma, this blend reduces anxiety and stress. It's immediately calming so it's good for before bed

Past Tense Tension Blend: Great for headaches, pain, and migraines, it's tingling and cool to instantly relieve tension and stress

Clary Calm Women's Blend: This roller ball bottle is a requirement for that time of the month ladies, I seriously wish every woman had one! Not only does it balance hormones and calm anxiety, it relieves cramps when applied topically.

Ways to Use Them

Aromatic: Diffuse the oil, inhale from bottle or hands, apply a few drops to clothing, or apply under nose. I like to carry the bottle in my purse and just smell it, or use the oil in a roller ball for use on the go.

Topical: Apply to tense or tired muscles on back, shoulders, neck, legs or anywhere stress is affecting the body. Behind ears, or across forehead.

Internal: Caution - only use essential oils that are marked as safe to use internally! The majority of essential oils out there are too toxic to be taken this way. DoTERRA brand is safe to ingest, still you just check on the bottle to make sure the specific kind you are using is safe to ingest as some of them aren't. Stress often affects internal activity like digestion, so you can take the oils internally in a couple drops in a veggie capsule with fractionated coconut oil.

Shop the oils here! Follow the instructions on the right to sign up for your wholesale discount. The world of essential oils can seem overwhelming with so much information out there, so if you are interested in learning more our welcoming community is one of continuing education to empower people in their wellness while having fun connecting with each other! Reach out to me at to learn more

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