Scarcity to Abundance Mindset

One mindset shift that has completely changed my life for the better is an abundance mindset.

That there's always more than enough to go around for everyone.

This may seem hard to accept at first since our society conditions us to have a scarcity mindset.

Thoughts like there's never enough to go around, there are not enough opportunities, not enough money, not enough good men, good friends, etc. - sound familiar?

This is in fact, a lie. Nature in its purest form is abundant. Something is actually not functioning as it should be when abundance doesn't occur naturally. On a personal level, this can be due to limiting beliefs and programming we received from our parents as well as society.

Think about it, what if everyone was aware that we live in an abundant universe? What would the world look like then? I believe that this is the direction we are heading in. More and more of us are waking up to the truth, that our mindset informs our energy and our actions.

That what we energetically align with, we attract. How empowering to know, that there's an area that we can consciously become aware of and influence.

Abundance doesn't just show up in your physical reality without first being accepted in your inner reality: your attitude towards money, towards abundance, your relationship with abundance, and unseen energetic support.

Here are small ways you might be blocking abundance without realizing it:

Not accepting compliments and gifts

Do you notice that you brush off compliments or make an excuse? Do you find it hard to accept gifts, and even outright reject them? You're blocking abundance! I've done this myself and call myself out now, making sure to say 'thank you!' instead of 'oh that? that's really easy for me' Make sure you accept gifts that the universe sends you to open the doors to more abundance.

Celebrating small wins as much as the big wins

Do you take your morning tea for granted? Or what about a fun conversation with your colleague? The fact that you have running water, a nice place to sleep, food in the fridge? Did you know appreciating small wins or moments like these shows the universe that you're grateful for abundance in all forms, big or small? Once you start celebrating the small wins, the universe sends you more, learn more about this phenomenon in my Medium article.

Focusing on hints for the next opportunity

Abundance is not only financial, like money, it spans other aspects that make for a joyful and fulfilling life, fruitful career opportunities, fulfilling relationships, creative pursuits, and physical and emotional health. For example, say you have a job interview that doesn't work out, and you don't get the job, even after passing three out of the four interviews needed.

With an abundance mindset, you would look at this as an amazing opportunity to interview with a reputable company. You would focus on what went right, what you enjoyed about each person you met with, and where you could have improved. You would take note of what aspects you liked in the role and the company, and what you didn't.

Then, you would say thanks to the universe and you would see this as coming so close to the right opportunity, knowing that the perfect job was right around the corner. You were refining and preparing yourself for the next opportunity.

This is how the process of realizing your manifestation. The person in that story was me, and I did land the perfect opportunity for me right after that! It held all of the positive qualities I gleaned from the previous interview experience. Everyone deserves abundance in all of these areas that make life worth living.

Start seeing your relationships, passions, as opportunities as forms of abundance.

Some of the tools have helped me cultivate an abundance mindset are books, reflective journaling to see what my limiting beliefs about money are, and essential oils to release subconscious scarcity mindset beliefs.

Essential oils work on a somatic level with our limbic system, making them the best tool to release subconscious beliefs (which make up to 75% of our thoughts and behaviors). I wrote a blog post about this here.

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