Rosemary Essential Oil

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The benefits of Rosemary essential oil are widespread, from hair support to addiction to memory and focus to respiratory support. Rosemary is a both a calming and invigorating aroma, and was used in ancient times to ward off evil spirits.

The Latin name for Rosemary is “dew of the sea,” and as such, rosemary grows wild on seashores throughout the Mediterranean.

doTERRA sources its' Rosemary essential oil from Spain and Morocco where it grows in abundance. Learn more about doTERRA's fair trade and sustainable practices in the video below under Sourcing! It takes about 2 pounds of Rosemary to make a 15 ml bottle of essential oil.

This oil has a renewing and pine-like aroma, and was used by the ancient Greek scholars for focus. Thanks to its high monoterpene concentration, diffuse Rosemary to support your focus and retention when completing a project or studying.

Rosemary is also a hair support, it creates healthy hair growth and scalp, when applied directly on the scalp and left on for 15 minutes then rinsed in the shower. There are so many ways to use this oil for shiny and full hair, check out the 'Ways to Use' section below!

The monoterpenes in this essential oil work to combat pain at a cellular level, so using it for sore muscles, headaches, or even bones in arthritis cases helps to relieve pain. Massage the oil on the affected area to effectively receive these benefits.

When taken internally, Rosemary essential oil has antioxidant properties. You can take it in a veggie capsule * or add it to your favorite dish or marinade for increased antioxidant support. You only need a tiny amount (a drop or less when used dipped in a toothpick) to get a concentrated flavor.

Spiritually, Rosemary assists in times of transition and change, and shows us that we can access knowledge and understanding from a higher place than just our human mind. How amazing is that? It challenges us to ask more soul-searching questions we can receive more inspired answers. When adjusting to a new house, relationship or other change, Rosemary invites us to trust in a more intelligent power than just ourselves. It instills confidence and reassurance during times of great change.

Growing up, I would make at-home 'spa steams' with fresh Rosemary and its' aroma always gave a calming effect on me. I felt very drawn to it, and these steams also helped to clear sinuses and support healthy breathing. The oil is simply the concentrated form of the plant which means even more benefits!

Finally, Rosemary is well known for its' widespread uses in cooking. The same way the fresh or dried herb is used, you can add Rosemary essential oil to your favorite recipes. Check out the Recipes under 'Ways to Use' below.

Note: Both pregnant and breastfeeding women are advised to avoid using rosemary essential oils during these phases

Chemical Constituents

  • Linalool

  • Terpinen-4-ol

  • 1,8-cineole

Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties

  • Analgesic

  • Thins mucus

  • Improves brain function

  • Stimulant

How it smells

  • Camphoraceous, herbaceous


  • Morocco and Spain

Physical Support

  • For respiratory infections and conditions, apply to chest and diffuse

  • For prostate issues and nighttime urination

  • For hair loss and dandruff, apply to scalp

  • For Bell's Palsy and multiple sclerosis, apply to bottoms of feet or take in a veggie cap*

  • For jaundice, liver and kidney issues, apply to bottoms of feet or in a capsule

  • For muscle and bone pain, apply to area of concern

  • For cellulite take in a capsule and diffuse

  • For jet lag, apply under nose, back of neck or diffuse

  • For fainting, apply under nose or inhale from bottle

Mental Support

  • For mental, adrenal, and chronic fatigue, diffuse or apply under nose with basil or peppermint to combat fatigue

  • For memory and focus, apply under nose and across forehead or diffuse

Emotional Support

  • For nervousness, depression, addiction and dopamine issues, apply under nose or diffuse

  • For feelings of being confused, use aromatically and topically to feel open-minded

Spiritual Support

  • For feelings of confusion, difficulty adjusting or transitioning, limited perspective, use aromatically, apply 1-3 drops on back of neck, forehead or behind ears. Take 1-2 drops under tongue, in a capsule, or in water *

Ways to Use

  • Learn about the ways to use Rosemary here!

Found In

  • Zendocrine Detoxification Blend

  • Past Tense Tension Blend

Companion Oils

  • Peppermint

  • Basil

  • Lavender

  • Cypress

  • Lemon

  • Geranium

  • Basil

  • Eucalyptus

  • Zendocrine Detoxification Blend

How to order

  • If you’re already a doTERRA customer you can add it to your Loyalty Rewards Order. Not a wholesale member yet? Get Rosemary here

  • Be sure to enroll with an enrollment kit if you want to waive the annual $35 fee! Then add on single oils you'd like.


  • The Essential Life Book 6th Edition

  • Emotions and Essential Oils 6th Edition


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* Methods of use: I'm only referring to use with doTERRA essential oils. Please use at your own risk with other brands.

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