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The bitter orange tree actually produces three different essential oils from the different parts of the plant. The leaves produce Petitgrain essential oil, the orange itself produces bitter orange oil (different from doTERRA's Wild Orange), and the blossoms produce Neroli.

I first smelled Neroli in a body wash I used when I lived in London, and since it was artificial I could get a general sense of how it smelled, but not its true essence. Moving to London was a time of great stress for me and looking back I event felt as if it was calming my senses.

Then I first smelled true Neroli essential oil when I got my Every Oil Kit from doTERRA in 2018, and I could smell the evocative quality, and therefore could experience the heightened calming effects of this mesmerizing plant. Neroli has this ancient quality to it, which I couldn't put my finger on until I started learning about its origins.

Neroli oil was actually named after the 16th century Princess Marie-Anne de La Treemoille of Nerola, Italy, who was obsessed with the fragrant orange blossom scent and introduced it to Italy. Both Duchess Marie Antoinette and the French military leader Napoleon Bonaparte also loved Neroli oil, using it every day as a fragrance or aftershave. Ancient Egyptian priests and priestesses used the oil in the same way incense is used in churches today.

While bitter orange is native to East Asia, doTERRA sources its' Neroli from Egypt, where it's been growing in abundance as a crop since it was introduced in the 10th century. It smells like a floral, with some citrus and honey notes. Like Rose, Jasmine, and Melissa, Neroli oil is a highly precious floral oil due to the high labor to produce it and low yield. It's equally effective diluted with fractionated coconut oil which is better because of its affordability in this form.

The blossoms have to be hand-picked at the correct time in the flowering cycle for the highest aromatic yield. It takes 40 pounds of freshly picked blossoms to create one 15 mL bottle of pure Neroli essential oil—or over 200 pounds of blossoms to distill.

Research indicates that Neroli essential oil reduces feelings of anxiousness, uplifts mood, and encourages relaxation. Physically it helps to balance hormones and menstrual cramps, making it the perfect tool for women to use during their monthly cycle. It's also a skin support, supporting healing from dry, damaged, wrinkled, sagging and scarred skin. It also helps clear acne & related dark sports, eczema and rashes.

It's a powerful wound disinfectant, and supports sexual issues such as loss of arousal, impotence, erectile dysfunction and frigidity. It helps to heal from chronic stress, insomnia, nervous feelings, overthinking, overwhelm, confusion, distressed thinking, panic, grief, shock, anger and irritation. Due to its's chemical composition, it's such a powerful mood support.

Emotionally, Neroli is the oil of shared purpose and partnership, due to its stabilizing properties. It promotes harmony in the changing dynamic of long term relationships, and assists with sexual intimacy, especially for those that have been together long enough to experience contrasts in their sexual relationship. Neroli encourages acceptance and support for a partner, and to focus on empathy, patience, fidelity and forgiveness.

Use Neroli for your stress management, hormone support, skin and relationship support! Due to is high concentration of Linalool, it has sedative effects so be aware of that when applying. Unlike other citrus essential oils, Neroli doesn't have photosensitivity so it's safe to use in the sun.

Chemical Constituents

  • Linalool

  • linalyl

  • acetate

  • limonene

Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties

  • Antidepressant

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antimutagenic

  • Aphrodisiac

  • Cytophylactic

  • Neurotonic

  • Regenerative

  • Sedative

  • Warming

How it smells

  • Sweet, floral, citrusy, fresh


  • Egypt

Physical Support

  • For loss of sexual arousal, impotence, erectile dysfunction and frigidity, apply to area of concern, diffuse, and/or inhale from cupped hands

  • For chronic and sress-related or nervous depression, elevated cortisol levels and tension headaches, diffuse, inhale from cupped hands, apply diluted to chest, solar plexus, back of neck, temples, and/or under nose

  • For damaged, dry, wrinkled, sagging and scarred skin, apply to area of concern

  • For childbirth and pregnancy, apply under nose and/or to abdomen to soothe mother. Apply to lower back to ease anxiety during labor

  • For heart palpitations, high blood pressure and seizures, apply to heart area, area of concern, and/or back of neck

  • For menopause and chronic insomnia, pms, estrogen imbalance, inhale from cupped hands, apply to abdomen, and/or drop into a warm bath just before bed

  • For hysteria, panic, grief, shock, irritation and anger, diffuse, inhale from cupped hands, apply to bottoms of feet followed by a foot bath

  • For overthinking, overwhelm, confusion and distressed thinking, apply under nose, across forehead diffuse, or inhale from cupped hands

  • For menstrual and muscle cramps, spastic coughs, massage into abdomen, area of concern, or drop into warm bath water

  • For cramping from indigestion, colitis, diarrhea and food poisoning, massage into abdomen

  • For acne and related dark spots, eczema, rashes, apply diluted to affected areas

  • For wound disinfectant, athlete's foot, ringworm, painful tetanus injection site, apply to area of concern

  • For deodorant, perfume, and room freshener, apply diluted to under arms, pulse points, area of concern or diffuse/inhale

Emotional Support

  • For feelings of being afflicted use aromatically or topically to feel released

Spiritual Support

  • To instill tolerance, calm, resilience, patience, apply 1-3 drops over heart, sacral chakra, lower stomach), throat, or behind ears

Ways to Use

  • Learn about the ways to use Neroli here!

Found In

  • Adaptiv Calming Blend

Companion Oils

  • Frankincense

  • Geranium

  • Ginger

  • Jasmine

  • Myrrh

  • Rose

  • Sandalwood

  • Spikenard

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Any citrus oils

How to order

  • If you’re already a doTERRA customer you can add it to your Loyalty Rewards Order. Not a wholesale member yet? Get Neroli here.

  • Be sure to enroll with an enrollment kit if you want to waive the annual $35 fee! Then add on single oils you'd like.


  • The Essential Life

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