Magnolia Essential Oil

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The lovely Magnolia essential oil is one of my new favorites I use almost daily! It was just released by doTERRA in fall of 2018, and I was surprised by its fruity, floral, and incredibly calming aroma.

doTERRA sources its' Magnolia from China, where it already grows in abundance, and has been used in traditional Chinese health practices for hundreds of years.

The magnolia flower is said to be a well-traveled flower with species scattered throughout South Asia, the Pacific, and North America. It's also called white champaca or white jade orchid tree.

Fun fact: fossilized Magnolia genus is over 20 million years old, a time prior to the presence of bees, and was pollinated by beetles. It was also used in traditional ceremonies to enhance confidence and well-being. It's no wonder because of its wide range of benefits!

It smells luxurious to me, and reminds me of the aroma of the fresh flowers from Singapore and Bali when I visited last year! I would describe it one word as heavenly.

It's a support for sad feelings, stress, nervousness, worry, and anxious feelings because of it's high content of Linalool ,which is a calming chemical constituent. To give you an idea of how powerful its' calming powers are, Magnolia has about 5 times the Linalool content that Lavender has!

Magnolia essential oil supports healing from irritability, grief, anger & rage, hysteria, panic, and shock. It helps with healing the heart chakra, where imbalance manifests as a lack of ability to receive love. It's the oil of compassion! I don't know about you but I've definitely struggled with this, and using Magnolia is helping me open up to the love that's always been there.

Physically, Magnolia helps with the respiratory system, sinus and lymphatic congestion, abrasions and wounds, skin irritations, scars, acne, dry skin, insomnia and sleep issues. In addition to all these areas, it supports healthy hormone balance and reproductive health: PMS, cramps, libido and sex drive, breast and prostate issues.

It's truly a jack of all trades, so I use it frequently in all these ways! Mostly I use it as a support for stress and anxious feelings, it has the ability to open you up to pain in order to release it. I love to lather this oil on as a perfume too because of how exquisite it smells. For this reason, Magnolia is frequently used in the perfume industry to create inviting and exotic fragrances.

Similar to Jasmine, Magnolia is a somewhat rare and expensive oil because it is difficult to grow and harvest the blossoms needed for extraction. In the same way, Magnolia blossoms must be picked by hand early in the morning or late in the evening. It has a low yield, meaning a large amount of plant matter needs to be distilled for a small amount of oil. I like it in the roller ball form, diluted in fractionated coconut oil, so that I can apply it easily on the go!

Chemical Constituents

Top Properties

  • Sedative

  • Relaxant

  • Antidepressant

  • Aphrodisiac

  • Decongestant

  • Stomachic


  • China

How it smells:

  • Fruity, floral, balsamic

Physical Support

  • For PMS & Menstrual Cramps, Hormone Imbalances, apply in clockwise circulatory motion over lower abdomen and to wrists and ankles.

  • For respiratory, sinus, and lymphatic congestion, apply to chest and back and/or to bottom of feet. Combine with cardamom or eucalyptus

  • For libido and sex drive, breast & prostate issues, apply to wrists, chest, back of neck, or reproductive organ reflex points

  • For abrasions & wounds, skin irritations, scars, apply to areas of concern, combine with melaleuca or frankincense

  • For acne and dry skin, add to skin care routine and apply 2x's daily

  • For insomnia and sleep issues, apply to back of neck, forehead, and/or under nose

  • For perfume apply to pulse points, layered with jasmine or neroli

Mental Support For overthinking and worry, apply to forehead, temples, and back of neck

Emotional Support

  • For anxiety, depression, and lack of energy, apply to back of neck, forehead, under nose, or over heart. Inhale from cupped hands

  • For irritability, anger & rage, hysteria, panic grief and shock, apply to back of neck, forehead, under nose, over heart, or bottoms of feet. Inhale from cupped hands

  • For feelings of stress, worry, uptight and tense, apply to back of nek forehead, under nose, or bottoms of feet. Inhale from cupped hands

Spiritual Support

  • For lack of ability to receive love, weak heart chakra, apply over heart/chest area and on bottoms of feet. Inhale from cupped hands

Ways to Use

  • Learn about the ways to use Magnolia here!

Found In

  • Steady Kids Blend

Companion Oils

  • Jasmine

  • Neroli

  • Lime

  • Sandalwood

  • Roman chamomile

  • Kumquat

  • Patchouli

  • Rose

How to order

  • If you’re already a doTERRA customer you can add it to your Loyalty Rewards Order. Not a wholesale member yet? Get Magnolia here.

  • Be sure to enroll with an enrollment kit if you want to waive the annual $35 fee! Then add on single oils you'd like.


  • The Essential Life

  • Emotions and Essential Oils


If you'd like my support in discovering what natural solutions you can use to support your wellness, I want to guide you! We have a thriving international wellness community of almost 200 people that are using their essential oils to manage their holistic wellness. Schedule your free 20 minute connection call here!

* Methods of use: I'm only referring to use with doTERRA essential oils. Please use at your own risk with other brands.

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