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I found myself reaching for Lime essential oil recently to help with an issue of swelling I was feeling in areas where lymph are located, like the backs of my knees where I was feeling randomly super itchy and puffy this week! I've used Lime before for hard-to-pin-point issues, like when I had an abnormally low blood pressure one year ago at my physical.

Lime is a holistic tool that, like other essential oils, addresses emotional conditions that are the root issue, manifesting as physical symptoms. What I've found is that the emotional conditions that Lime addresses (lethargy, discouragement, resignation, apathy), are common emotions that we all experience in our modern society. These conditions are definitely a symptom of burn out and just overall themes of life, that catch up to us physically if we don't address them directly.

So when I'm having a physical symptom what I like to do is reference the book "You Can Heal Your Life"by Louise Hay (find it on my Resources page) with the physical condition, and see what emotions and thoughts are at the root of it. Then I'll find the oil for it in my reference books, The Essential Life and Emotions & Essential Oils (get these for free when you get your essential oils from me!) For low blood pressure, I found that lethargy and loss of will to live where the conditions, so I started using Lime in the diffuser and in my water*.

After using it for two weeks, I went back to the doctor for a follow up test and my test results were normal again! Without changing anything with my physical body. I operate from the belief that our thoughts become feelings, and feelings manifest physically.

doTERRA sources its' Lime essential oil from Brazil where it already grows in abundance.

Lime essential oil has to be one of the most versatile oils out there, it's a powerful cleanser, and it's also used in cooking, cleaning, personal care, and more.

British sailors drank lime juice to prevent scurvy, and it's been a popular essential oil in perfumery for men, due to its chemical constituent, beta pinene, which is commonly used in perfumery. Studies have shown that beta pinene may help support balance of brain chemistry, possibly helping reduce sad feelings.

Emotionally, Lime essential oil is the oil of zest for life. Especially when you've been weighed down by discouragement, this oil elevates you to rise through it. It cleanses the heart of emotional toxins from avoidance or repression (in my healing I've realized this used to be my go-to way of 'not'dealing with things - not anymore!). This leaves room for joy and clears discouraging thoughts.

Another key way this oil has helped me, is that it encourages balance between the heart and the mind, allowing you to feel safe being in your heart space. I grew up in the Boston area, and still live there now, where there is such a focus on academia with all of the prestigious universities, which is important, however our heart is equally important, and Lime essential oil gives you the ability to balance your heart capacities with the intellectual.

Chemical Constituents

  • Limonene

  • Beta-pinene

  • Gamma terpinene

Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Antiseptic

  • Antioxidant

  • Antibacterial

  • Tonic

  • Uplifting

  • Detoxifier

  • Disinfectant

  • Diuretic


  • Brazil

How it smells

  • Citrus, tart, sweet

Physical Support

  • For sore throat, gargle a drop with water

  • For respiratory, lymph, and liver congestion, take in a capsule or apply topically over area of concern

  • For urinary or digestive issues, drink a few drops in a glass of water

  • For herpes and cold sores, take in a capsule or apply to outbreaks

  • For chicken pox, use in a capsule or apply diluted to pox

  • For head lice, add 20 drops with 15 drops melalueca to bottle of shampoo and apply according to directions

  • For pain and inflammation, massage over area of discomfort or take in a capsule to and increase antioxidants and decrease inflammation

Emotional Support

  • For exhaustion and depression, apply to ears or back of neck or diffuse to energize and uplift

Mental Support

  • For memory and clarity, inhale or diffuse

Spiritual Support

  • When feeling apathetic, resigned, grieving or loss of will to live, inhale or dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and apply over chest

  • Ways to Use

  • Learn about the ways to use Lime here!

Found In

  • InTune Focus Blend

  • Purify Cleansing Blend

  • Reveal Step 1

  • Shampoo

Companion Oils

  • Bergamot

  • Black Pepper

  • Rosemary

  • Melissa

  • Tangerine

  • Spikenard

  • Elevation Joyful Blend

How to order

  • If you’re already a doTERRA customer you can add it to your Loyalty Rewards Order. Not a wholesale member yet? Get Lime here.

  • Be sure to enroll with an enrollment kit if you want to waive the annual $35 fee! Then add on single oils you'd like.


  • The Essential Life

  • Emotions and Essential Oils


If you'd like my support in discovering what natural solutions you can use to support your wellness, I want to guide you! We have a thriving international wellness community of almost 200 people that are using their essential oils to manage their holistic wellness. Schedule your free 20 minute connection call here!

* Methods of use: I'm only referring to use with doTERRA essential oils. Please use at your own risk with other brands.

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