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Kumquat is one of my favorite citrus oils (and so fun to say!). I first discovered this fruit when I traveled to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam last year and I had Kumquat juice at this beautiful vegetarian restaurant called ...Hum, I was in loove. Since I love all things cinnamon and spice, this flavor immediately captivated me and when I saw that doTERRA had Kumquat as a limited edition essential oil, I knew I needed to get my hands on it!

...hum amazing vegetarian restaurant in Saigon with a large juice menu!

Kumquat is indigenous to Asia, and while it's a citrus fruit, it's the size of an orange and can be eaten whole. The peel produces an essential oil, which has aromatic benefits and physical cleansing properties.

It's known for it's mood uplifting properties, and ability to instill mental clarity. Kumquat essential oil also has a much deeper spiritual meaning which I'll get into later on in this post!

Maybe what I like most about this essential oil is how unique it is. It's chemical makeup is 70-95% limonene (which is in most other citrus oils) however of its other 105 known constituents, 46 have not been found in any other essential oil. Cool right?

As with the rest of the citrus family, Kumquat is a mood uplifter, and helps brain fog and mental fatigue. It also supports the respiratory system, immune system, digestive system, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and weight management. It's also great for cooking, baking, and flavoring, I like to add a few drops to tea for that spicy sweet flavor. I'd love to make muffins flavored with this too!

Unlike other citrus fruits, Kumquat has a sweet peel and the flesh is bitter. This speaks to its spiritual properties too. Many fruits and vegetables' shape reflect the part of the body they support healthwise, for example walnuts resemble the brain and pomegranates support the ovaries. It truly is divine when you think about it in that way.

Well Kumquat's physical makeup symbolizes it's spiritual properties! It's the oil of authentic presence, which is why I resonate with this oil so much because this is what my business is all about, uncovering who you are at the soul level, stripping away everything that isn't actually you.

So Kumquat addresses the preoccupation with a 'sweet' cheerful external disposition or personality mask, that covers up 'bitter' anxiousness, self doubt, pain and unease beneath. According to the book Emotions and Essential Oils (my all time favorite resource next to The Essential Life), individuals in need of Kumquat essential oil tend to judge and push down feelings deemed as unacceptable or unwanted.

I totally believe this is due to our programming and conditioning. These particular individuals have been taught to hide their feelings in order to be accepted. While they appear happy or popular and at ease on the outside, they keep their inner world of doubt, and emotional pain hidden which leads to destructive coping mechanisms, like passive aggressiveness.

Can you relate to any aspect of this? I feel like at some point or another we've all acted that way, I know that was definitely my default demeanor: always cheerful, to the point where people would tell me you're always happy no matter what! I believe in positivity, but that isn't authentic (or healthy) if we're just being cheerful on the outside while hiding our pain from everyone.

I've done a lot of inner work around this, and Kumquat essential oil has played a huge part in that (along with Black Pepper). It shows us that true happiness only comes from real, honest, and unstudied living. It shows us that people are a complement of good and bad, just like the sweet and sour aspects of the fruit. Instead of using outward pretenses or behaviors, it coaches us to begin to live in inner alignment.

Chemical Constituents


Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties

  • Antiseptic

  • Antimicrobial

  • Immunostimulant

  • Digestive Stimulant

  • Refreshing



How it smells

Citrus, clean, fresh, sweet

Physical Support

  • For diabetes, imbalanced insulin & glucose levels, take 1-2 drops in a capsule or under tongue 2x's daily along with coriander or fennel

  • For bronchitis & asthma, flu, diffuse, apply to chest, back ,and bottoms of feet with rosemary or Siberian Fir

  • For constipation and intestinal cramping, ulcers, take 1-2 drops in a capsule 2x's daily

  • For bacterial, fungal, and viral infections, parasites, apply to area of concern. Take 1-2 drops in a capsule 2x's or more daily.

  • For sore throat and swollen glands, diffuse, gargle 1-2 drops every few hours and apply diluted to neck area

  • For high blood pressure and cholesterol, poor circulation take 1-2 drops in a capsule 2x's daily. Apply to chest and bottoms of feet.

  • For overweight, excessive appetite, detoxification, dilute and apply to area of concern. take 1-2 drops in a capsule or more daily

  • For wrinkles and age spots, add to daily skin care products with a drop of sandalwood and apply to areas of concern

  • For cooking and flavoring, add a drop to salad dressings, baked goods, frostings, smoothies or cut fruit

Mental Support

  • For brain fog, lack of concentration, and fatigue, combine with green mandarin and vetiver, diffuse, inhale or apply under nose and to forehead

Emotional Support

  • For winter blahs, inauthenticity and pretense, lack of perspective, diffuse, or inhale from cupped hands. Apply to face diluted

  • For feelings of division use aromatically and topically to feel integrous

Spiritual Support

  • For emotions of superficial, facade of cheerfulness, hiding, repressed feelings, inauthentic and passive aggressiveness, use aromatically and apply 1-3 drops over throat, stomach, or forehead


Learn about the science of Kumquat here!

Companion Oils

  • Black Pepper

  • Coriander

  • Lavender

  • Fennel

  • Green Mandarin

  • Vetiver

  • Sandalwood

  • Siberian Fir

  • Rosemary

  • Lime

How to order

This is a limited edition essential oil from doTERRA, it was available to Loyalty Rewards Members last October so be sure to get your account here so that you'll be notified if it becomes available again! (fingers crossed it does!!)


  • The Essential Life

  • Emotions and Essential Oils

  • doTERRA.com

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* Methods of use: I'm only referring to use with doTERRA essential oils. Please use at your own risk with other brands.

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