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Over the last year, I've been learning about consciousness and manifestation, and I heard about Human Design through various podcasts I listen to such as Free and Native and That's So Retrograde. I was very intrigued, as a seeker and personal development junkie, I'm always investigating and researching all there is to know about life. Essentially, Human Design outlines what your true soul purpose is, without all the conditioning and programming that the world puts on us. It gives us permission to be our true self, without our conditioning.

Relatively new, the man who discovered it in 1987, Ra Uru Hu, heard a voice speak to him and told him everything about it and how it fused all these different global themes together. He channeled the information in a download over 8 days and that's how Human Design was born.

Human Design sounded like a guidebook to myself, a way to make informed decisions based on my personality tendencies. This chart combines different schools of wisdom such as astrology, the Kabbalah tree of life, and chakras. It bridges science and spirituality, and at a time where I was truly looking for some guidance, it was right up my alley. The chart takes into account your unconscious personality on the left and conscious personality on the right.

As Chetan Parkyn explains in Human Design: Discover the Person You Were Born to Be:

"[Human Design] uses data to determine your exact placement in time and space relative to the solar system and star fields around you at the precise moment of birth. But whereas in astrology, the sky is divided into twelve components (the signs of the zodiac), Human Design divides into sixty-four. This correlates to two things: first the sixty-four codons of the human genetic code; and second, the sixty-four hexagrams of the I-Ching, a tool used by the Chinese to better understand human nature. Each one of these sixty-four compartments carries a unique meaning, allowing us to see, in depth, which characteristics make up our being."

I believe that self-knowledge, especially as an empath, is key to navigating life in our personal power. It also allows us to be more understanding and accepting of others and their behavior as well!

I started dipping my toes in the water by creating my free Human Design chart to learn more. After inputting my name, birth date, birth time, and birth location, I found out that out of the 4 types of Human Design which are...

  • Manifestor

  • Generator

  • Manifesting Generator

  • Projector

  • Reflector

I was a Reflector, which happens to be the rarest unicorn type and makes up around 1% of the population. As an Aquarius I already feel quite different from my peers, and finding out I was a Reflector seemed to confirm this. I had a feeling that life would make much more sense if I could understand this chart type, so naturally I had to learn more. I knew this would be key to live my life authentically.

Human Design uses chakras and astrology, and it assumes that there are 9 centers in the body:

  • head/crown

  • third eye

  • throat

  • heart

  • solar plexus

  • sacral

  • root

  • spleen

  • self/identity

Like chakras, the centers each correlate to emotions and energies, as well as physical body parts. Our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies are intertwined. These centers can present as closed, defined, or undefined.

If the center is closed/defined, it indicates that this function/aspect of your personality is more fixed or consistent. If the center is open/undefined, it indicates that this function/aspect of your personality is more flexible or malleable, leaving you more open to the influence or energy of others. It's through our open centers that we're incredibly prone to internalizing conditioning/programming, both positive and negative.

These open/undefined centers are where we’re the most open to the conditioning and influence of others, whether we’re conscious of taking on that energy or not. The way to tell if a center is open/undefined is if it's not colored in, or white.

What makes Reflectors unique is that they are the only type that have ALL their centers undefined or open, as you can see in my chart above. They are also the only type with an exterior authority, which i'll on later. All of which means I'm highly susceptible to others influence, yet I also have to derive my energy that way as well.

If I'm put in a positive environment, surrounded by positive people, I'll do really well. If I'm not in a positive environment, I take on the negative characteristics surrounding me and simply 'reflect' them back. The right environment for living and working is so important for me.

Your Human Design chart is made up of several other components: your type, your channels, your gates, and your profile. Collectively, these disparate parts work together to form the collective mechanics of you.

From looking at the chart at the top of this post, it first made zero sense to me, as it probably does for you. Even after doing a lot of research online on my own, I found that there was only a certain extent to the understanding I could get, and I decided it would be beneficial to get a reading from someone that has studied extensively on how to read Human Design Charts. Especially as a Reflector, I tend to reflect others qualities and I knew that self-knowledge is key for my survival.

Even looking at the chart information for purchase on My Body Graph and Jovian Archive (where you can run your chart) seemed so confusing. I wanted to have a real human on the line who I could ask questions to and get their expert advice.

Through my research, I found an excellent online resource called Interior Creature, which offered a ton of free and useful content on Human Design. They also offered readings at $150, which is much more affordable compared to the $300 industry average rate. In addition, they offer several readings a month at reduced or no cost to those who are not financially able to afford a reading but feel they would benefit from the tools. I got a good feel for the reader, and I set up our 1:1 reading.

Learning more about my Human Design, empowered me and made me much more understanding and empathetic towards myself.

Jaclyn DeForge, the owner of Interior Creature, was so insightful, and made me feel completely at ease. She made the difficult old-world language easy to understand by relating it to modern themes. Not to mention, she was hilarious and I appreciated her jokes sprinkled throughout.

One of the biggest takeaways I got was that I'm undefined, while living in a society that forces us to define ourselves. That understanding gave me permission to be in flow without feeling the pressure I was putting on myself to be a type of way.

Here are some of the themes and aspects of a Reflector:

Your “not self” theme is DISAPPOINTMENT

Your strategy is TO WAIT A LUNAR CYCLE (before making major decisions)

Your authority is LUNAR

Your signature is SURPRISE

Not Self Theme Disappointment

I completely resonate with the not self theme of disappointment. The Reflectors total openness can make me at times almost invisible to others. Growing up I sometimes felt this way and I would try to get attention, without knowing why I was trying to do that. Without knowing the mechanics of their design, Reflectors may feel deeply disappointed in life.

With all my centers open, I'm designed to wear many hats in this life, and I'm supposed to follow a non-traditional path. This made me feel better for evolving careers and being multi-passionate, as it's actually what I'm meant to be doing! To navigate this, I'm meant to follow what feels good (which can be different every day) and work from who I decide to by that day. It's constantly evolving, and that's ok.

Reflectors are meant to hold space at the center of the community they belong in. In a way, they act as barometers for the people they are surrounded with, so they need to surround themselves with emotionally and spiritually healthy people. Since I sample so many people's energies, I'm meant to act as a sieve not as a sponge, allowing them to pass through instead of absorbing and magnifying the energies.

This is what I imagine makes me an excellent guide for my clients, since I don't have my own energies involved, I'm simply sampling energies from the person and anyone else involved in their life that they're speaking about.

Learning this was super helpful, as I had the tendency of being the sponge, soaking up others emotions and not even being aware of it. It also taught me that I need to be a ruthless curator of the people I surround myself with, and not be a collector or hoarder of friends.

Information from my reading by Jaclyn at Interior Creature on being a curator:

My reading also gave me practical advice on navigating my life.

In terms of working, I'm meant to work better in small short bursts with big energy. Otherwise I will burnout very quickly. I've noticed this in my own past jobs in corporate where I tried to manifest energy over long periods of time and it didn't work. So now in my business I work less and get more done. It also helps for me to work in a coworking space or coffee shop, so I can pick up on energies on the other design types around me, since I can't generate my own!

What's interesting about Reflectors, is that they need to talk out their decisions with inspiring people around them. Not to get their input or advice, or have their peers solve their problems, more so to flesh out their own ideas, get their thoughts in order and use that to take action. While I've done this for major decisions, I was used to being in my head for the rest of the time, so this was good advice.

Wait a Lunar Cycle

When making all major decisions in life, as a Reflector I need to wait a lunar cycle which is about 28-30 days. This seems sort of strange, however that's how long it takes for the moon to pass through each of my 9 centers, and I need to feel how the various courses of action resonate in each part of my chart. This goes for major decisions only (love, business partnership, moving, life changes, etc.) not a simple day to day choice like what to wear.

After my reading, I received a folder via Dropbox, filled with a recording of our Zoom call and the audio, as well as worksheets covering all the components we talked about, and journal prompts to use when I'm out of balance and experiencing "Not-Self" themes. I still go back and reference these documents frequently (it's a lot of information!) so I really appreciated the value I got.

Here's a portion of my reading by Jaclyn and an example of how the concepts are applied in life:

The Profile (which you can learn more about here) is made up of the line our Sun lives in our Conscious Personality, and the line our Sun lives in our Unconscious Design.

There are 6 lines:

  1. Investigator

  2. Hermit

  3. Martyr

  4. Opportunist

  5. Heretic

  6. Role Model

Based on where my Sun is located in my chart, I happen to be a 5/1 Profile, which is a Heretic/Investigator. According to Genetic Matrix, 5/1 Profiles make up 14.40% of the population.

Here's the information from my reading with Jaclyn at Interior Creature on my Profile, which I also share with Justin Timberlake and Ronda Rousey - cool!

Each design is governed by a personal authority. All of the designs (except for Reflector) have internal (solar) authorities, while Reflectors have an external lunar authority. This is radically different from all the other authorities.  With no consistent life force, lunar authority really requires a deep understanding of how the planets are bringing energy into the life through different phases of the moon. A key decision making aspect I wasn't even aware of!

Sacral authority is exclusive to the Generator and Manifesting Generator. Spleen authority is exclusive to Manifestors and Projectors. Ego authority is exclusive to Manifestors and Projectors, and is the rarest of all authorities.

A helpful way Jaclyn described it as all the other designs are like the sun they generate their own energy, while Reflectors are like the moon, which doesn't have the ability to generate its own energy, so they simply reflect the energy of the sun. This is where waiting a full lunar cycle before making major decisions comes in.

As you can see, each authority is aligned with a chakra or center. Learn more about personal authorities in a helpful chart here. Since I sample and experience energies all around me all the time, I need time to unwind at the end of the day for at least an hour to discharge all the energies I've picked up.

These are the basics of Human Design, and it gets much more complex when you dive deeper into the 64 areas of the chart I mentioned, like your incarnation cross, into each of your centers, lines of the hexagram, your channels, and planets.

Since Reflectors are energetically so sensitive to their surroundings, I use these essential oils for maintaining balance and energetic boundaries.

Essential oils for Reflectors:

  • Melaleuca (for keeping healthy boundaries)

  • Copaiba (for unveiling, to discern others not on the masks they wear but by their truth)

  • Cedarwood (the oil of community, it will help focus on asking those around you for feedback that gives you the chance to reflect on your inner truth)

  • Juniper Berry (the oil of night, it helps strip illusions)

As you can see, there are so many angles to your personality covered in Human Design, which is what makes it so comprehensive. I feel this has given life guidance and permission to be myself, and that's what I love so much about this.

Human Design works with your quirks celebrates you for who you are, and gives you concrete steps to navigate life with your unique design! It's much more practical than many other designs and archetypes I've used in that it gives you advice to truly live out your life purpose and potential.

Are you excited to learn what your Human Design is?

Share yours in the comments, I would love to know! :)

If you'd like my support in discovering who you are and how to live the life of your dreams, I want to guide you! Schedule your free 20 minute connection call here!

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