How to Recognize & Protect from Psychic Attack

Recently a few of you asked me how to protect from psychic attacks and recognize the signs of being impacted by it. In this post I'm going to share a few techniques to use and what signs can point out to psychic attack.

First of all, a psychic attack is basically a conscious or unconscious sending of negative energy from either a person or a negative spirit entity. You may have unconsciously sent a psychic attack by thinking negative thoughts about someone and hoping they would suffer. By the way, from a law of attraction/karma perspective that can come back to you.

It's usually from people that don't know how to process their emotions in a healthy way and they think these things instead of expressing their negative feelings to themselves and the person affected.

Lower entities that vibrate in a negative way can also get into your energy if you leave a 'back door open' that allows them in. Their energy can trigger the frequency of a negative event in your past, and then cause you to remember those events and vibrate at the frequency of those negative emotions.

Unless you're aware and careful, you can be susceptible to this energy.

Being in tune with your usual healthy, happy, and balanced current state will help you become mindful of this type of energy attack. Meditation, journaling, and yoga help with this.

Signs that you've been impacted by a psychic attack :

  • Are sad, down, angry, uneasy feelings and negative events

  • Accidents happening in your life

  • A streak of bad luck could be a sign that you are under psychic attack.

  • Feeling negative energy all around you

  • Suddenly feeling drained of energy for no reason

  • Having nightmares where someone is attacking you

An example I experienced a psychic attack, was when I was living with a former friend and she was no longer happy with me living with her, yet she had not expressed it. One day, there was an issue with the security system in her house which was located in the room I was staying in. It had set off the alarm company and the police were called.

Meanwhile, I wasn't home during this time and I was at the gym. When I left the gym, my tire exploded on the highway. I was quite shaken as I tried to find a street to pull over on an unfamiliar exit. Right when I got out of the car to call my insurance, I was getting an incoming call from the woman I was staying with.

I was so surprised that she was calling right at this exact same time, and when I talked to her I could tell she was angry. I realized that her reaction to the alarm going off and the police calling her had sent me a psychic attack in the form of the flat tire - which was unexpected because I had all new tires put in the past summer.

That was a poignant experience that showed me what energy was at play, but realize it could be on a less grand scale and just based on the energetics. From this experience, I learned to really protect my energy and put together a list of psychic attack tools.

The great news is you are easily able to protect yourself! Remember the reasons why this person is sending their negative intentions to you, they either don't know how to handle their emotions, or they do so because they don't know how to approach you in person.

You'll want to maintain positive intentions for this person, while also holding positive intentions for yourself. Keep love, light, and joy in your aura. When you are holding the field, you are in a positive vibrational state and your aura literally acts like a shield.

If you suspect a psychic attack, whenever physically possible, don't be near them in person. Out of sight out of mind!

You can ask for help from angels: I love this prayer with Archangel Michael from Ask-Angels, “Archangel Michael, please cleanse any negativity from my field, any entities, any lower vibrations. Cut any records that are draining and release all that into the light. Help to restore my field of love, light and joy. I ask this for the highest and greatest good, according to divine will. Thank you. And so, it is.”

Stay in love and release fear, you have protection with these energy tools, guides, and essential oils below.


  • Black Tourmaline is a powerful energy protector, I wear it on a necklace.

  • Hematite provides a grounding shield from negative energy

  • Amethyst transmutes negative energy in your aura and on a spiritual level


  • Terrashield Outdoor Blend: The Oil of Shielding

  • Lemon Eucalyptus: The Oil of Protected Space

  • On Guard Protective Blend: The Oil of Protection

  • Clove (dilute with FCO): The Oil of Boundaries

  • Lemongrass: The Oil of Cleansing

  • Oregano (dilute with FCO): The Oil of Humility & Nonattachment

Apply these oils to your solar plexus (upper stomach), over chest, and bottoms of feet. Apply throughout the day as needed, and diffuse these when at home or in the office.

Remember, you always have tools and your guides to support you from healing and protecting from psychic attacks and negative energy! You can rest in that knowing and release the fear.

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