How to Protect from Energy Vampires

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From talking with a dear friend recently, I came to realize I was dealing with an energy vampire in my midst.

I would have never come to this conclusion had I not mentioned to my friend off hand (and doTERRA business partner!), that I was feeling irritable and constantly tired after talking with this specific person and being in their presence.

In conversations with this person, I would give and give without realizing and I wouldn't know what was happening! Empathic people are essentially 'snacks' to energy vampires, because vampires simply don't know how to manage their own energy. They operate at a low energy level and they may only know how to be in the world by 'feeding' on others energy.

This doesn't mean they are even necessarily aware of what they are doing, it's not always malicious and in fact many don't realize they're doing it. You may have even been an energy vampire at some point in your life where you had low energy and you needed others to sustain you. An energy vampire can be anyone in your social circle, family or work environment.

It doesn't make you or the vampire a bad person! That's worth noting. By managing your energy, you are helping yourself to sustain your own energy, protecting it from others, and you're also teaching the energy vampire that they need to get their own energy from somewhere else - like themselves!

Positive, upbeat and high vibrational energy beings make great sources of energy for energy vampires because they have so much of it!

Honestly, since implementing these simple tools my life has changed dramatically (just in the last few days!) and I have recouped my personal power and typical positive outlook on life back. Realizing this experience was a learning lesson for me, using these tools has made a world of a difference. Once we know what we're dealing with, it makes it so much easier to know what action to take!

Here are signs you may be in the midst of an energy vampire, you'll feel:

  • Anxious, stressed, irritable for no reason

  • Drained of energy or life force

  • Overall negative mindset, feels like a dark cloud over you

  • Tightness in chest

  • Feeling overall uncomfortable around this person

  • Headache

  • Being on edge

  • Lack of motivation

  • Brain fog

  • Sleepiness during the day

Typical qualities of an energy vampire:

  • Constant complainer

  • Plays the victim card very well. If you give sympathy (and I know how easy that can be as an empath!) you are giving them your energy. Don't do it!

  • Needs attention (good or bad), sympathy and reassurance constantly

  • Prolonged eye contact. That's how they can also access your energy

What to do if you must be around energy vampire:

  • White Light Column: My dear friend and business partner Laura West, of Divine Lotus Healing taught me to visualize a column of white light coming down from above that deflects and points the vampire's energy to the ground to be dissolved into the earth. It protects from any negative energy or pulling into the ground. She wrote a great blog post here about energy protection techniques!

  • Trifold Mirror: Laura also taught me to visualize a trifold mirror in front of the third chakra, or solar plexus, since that's where people draw on our energy. The mirror reflects any negative energy into the ground to be dissolved

  • Body Language: Maintain as little eye contact as possible. This is how energy vampires also get your energy and when you offer it up less, it subconsciously tells them your energy is not available to take!

  • Turn Sideways: Don't face them head on as much as possible, square your body as this is how they get your energy from the third solar plexus chakra

  • Take deep breaths. This will help you manage your emotions and center, when you have to be involved in their highly emotional state

  • Take care of your self! Make sure you are eating healthy, managing stress, exercising, sleeping enough, listening to uplifting music, and feel grounded at all times because it will help you maintain your life force, stay positive in the face of others negativity and put these energetic boundaries in place. I really felt better after making sure I was upping my own self care

Pair these with the essential oils below which are negative energy cleansers and boundary protectors!

By using essential oils, you are creating a subtle energy field around you that acts as protection.

You can use these doTERRA essential oils in a diffuser or by sniffing from the bottle. Also apply them topically, on inner arms, neck and bottom of feet - frequently! Using Purify in the diffuser and On Guard on the bottoms of my feet has helped me dramatically, to say the least! It's been night and day since I started implementing them.

  • Purify Cleansing blend (the big guns!)

  • On Guard Protective Blend (the big guns!)

  • Melaleuca

  • Jasmine

  • TerraShield Outdoor blend

Your energy is your life force, and I truly felt like I got my life back after I learned about this so I had to share what I learned!

So that's how you can easily protect yourself from energy vampires in your midst. Once you learn how to manage your energy this way you will attract less types of people like this because your energy won't be readily available.

Ready to learn other powerful energy techniques to live your best life? I'm here to guide and support you! Schedule your 1:1 session here and to get these doTERRA essential oils, head here.

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