How to Overcome Creative Blocks

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In this post I'm going to share with you a few rituals to stimulate your creative flow, ones that have worked for me and my clients. At some point in our businesses or creative practice, we reach a stand-still, where our ideas run out and we feel uninspired.

That's usually due to:

  • Fear

  • Overworking aka burn-out, or working on the wrong thing

  • Perfectionism

  • Comparison

Our creativity can become blocked for any number of reasons, especially in our technology and logic-driven society. Contrary to popular belief, creativity is something we need to intentionally set aside time for, so creating white space in your schedule is a great to naturally receive the creative download.

Another way it gets blocked is by ignoring our inner child. When we were children we were carefree and naturally creative, then we become adults and we believe that life is all about responsibilities. When we connect with our inner child, we let go of fear and judgment of ourselves and we just let ourselves create.

While all types of medical grade essential oils like doTERRA support creativity, there's a few that are especially supportive of removing blocks to creativity and inspiring us to connect with spirit or the universal source of creativity.

For example, after recommending the Passion Inspiring blend, one of my dear clients wrote her book this past year and illustrated the cover herself. This really made me realize the power of oils for creativity.

Our sense of smell is our most primal and powerful of all our senses. It's directly connected to our limbic system, also known as the seat of our emotions. These plant medicine can evoke healing and uplifting emotions. This gives essential oils the ability to shift our mood and mindset, within minutes.

Here are some of the best ways to unblock your creativity when you feel stuck:

  • Take a walk in your neighborhood or in nature, with no music or podcast. This will help ground you and get you connected to your subconscious again. Nature is always inspiring

  • Take a break. Sometimes if nothing is flowing, it means it's time for a break in doing something fun. I like to go to the movies, a museum or check out a new cafe or restaurant in town. I always feel inspired after!

  • Exercise. Whether that's a quick jog, Pilates or yoga class, getting your body moving gets your ideas out of stagnation too. I've taken up yoga and Pilates a few times a week, and it's made a big impact on not only my health but my creativity in my business

  • Try a form of self-care, like floating, massage or infrared sauna. I always get my best ideas/downloads from being in this type of relaxed state and by releasing all tension, somehow it releases my inhibitions too. You can learn about the benefits in my post here. A hot soak at home with your oils and Epsom salts works too!

  • Journaling. Stream of conscious of writing in the morning will help you get over perfectionist tendencies by getting past judging yourself for your work. I've adopted this morning pages routine from the book The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and it's helped my mood and creativity in writing so much

  • Change your scenery. Check out a new place to work from, in your home or in a library, to keep things fresh

  • Use these essential oils below to stimulate inspiration and clear common blocks to creativity

  • Travel. I always get so much creative inspiration from traveling, whether that's somewhere close in a neighboring state or town, or abroad. One way I do this is house-sitting with Trusted House Sitters, use my link for 25% off your membership

Essential Oils for Creativity

Clary Sage: The Oil of Clarity & Vision

Apply 1-2 drops on forehead or behind ears, or diffuse when you need to clear your creative blocks, it eliminates distractions from your mind and creates an open space for creativity to flow

Citrus Bliss Invigorating Blend: The Oil of Creativity

I use this oil in most of my workshops! Apply 1-3 drops on wrists or over solar plexus, or diffuse. This oil inspires creative expression by connecting us with our inner child, living spontaneously and making time for play and excitement. It helps you let go of insecurities allowing you to put yourself out there artistically

Tangerine: The Oil of Cheer & Creativity

I love to add a few drops of Tangerine to my water in the morning before working. It helps us make room for our creative side, by connecting with our creative energy in our spirit. Tangerine shows us how to re-experience the joy and cheer we experienced as a child, when we were our most creative selves. Diffuse or apply 1-2 drops on wrists or over heart.

Passion Inspiring Blend: The Oil of Finding Your Passion

This is a warm and spicy blend of Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, Sandalwood, Damiana, Jasmine, and Vanilla absolute from the Emotional Aromatherapy line. If you're feeling duty-bound and serious, this oil will help you by feeling restricted and show you that there's more to living than work and obligation. It also helps overcome fear, which blocks confidence in our creativity. Learn more about essential oils for fear in this post. Diffuse or apply over wrists, and sacral chakra.

Cypress: The Oil of Motion & Flow

Cypress helps us let go of worries and control to surrender. It creates energetic flow and releases stagnant energies. If you experience perfectionist tendencies and are over-striving, this oil will show you how you don't need to live in this fear-based way. You can let things unfold naturally. Apply 1-3 drops on bottom of feet or diffuse

Wild Orange: The Oil of Abundance

This oil teaches us to let go of scarcity mindsets, which involve workaholism, fear, nervousness, and lack of humor. It inspires new solutions for issues and shows us how relaxing, creating, and playing are the gifts of life. Abundance leads to creativity, showing us this plenty of inspiration to go around. Apply 1-3 drops over sacral chakra or diffuse.

Want to get these oils? Get started here.

Which of these practices are you going to try? I'd love to hear from you

* I may receive a small commission for any purchases made through the links in this post. Rest assured, I would never recommend anything I wouldn't use myself

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