Helichrysum Essential Oil

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Because of its' chemical makeup, Helichrysum is considered a restorative essential oil. I would consider the most restoring in all ways! This particular holds a special place in my heart because it's been a key part of my healing from many different emotional and physical factors you've seen on my site!

Helichrysum gets its name from the Greek word helios, which means sun, and chrysos, which means gold. This description refers to the beautiful golden color of the flowers and the ball-shaped blossoms. It's referred to as 'liquid stitches' for both its emotional and physical healing properties. This flower is often hand picked on the island of Corsica, France, and the dry, rocky regions of the Mediterranean then steam distilled.

This flower was frequently found in herbal remedies for its restorative properties to the skin in ancient Greece, and holds another nickname of the Everlasting flower or Immortelle, because of it's anti-aging properties leading to youthful looking skin. This nickname also refers to the potential ability of the blossoms to last up to seven years when kept inside.

Helichrysum holds a very low yield for producing essential oil which means it takes a high volume of plant to produce a 5 ml bottle, hence the higher price tag. It is truly worth every penny, though, as this is one I always make sure to have on hand along with Frankincense.

Helichrysum is such a powerful regenerative skin support that it can be used to reduce blemishes, scars, age spots, discoloration of skin, and sun burns. It also supports healing from razor burn, skin wounds, and hemorrhoids. It truly is liquid stitches! When taken internally it promotes detox from heavy metals and boosts metabolism. It also helps with nosebleeds! Read more on how to detox from metals from my post here.

Emotionally, Helichrysum is referred to as the oil of pain. I've used it in the physical ways listed above, and it's been a big part of my spiritual awakening as it dissolves blocks to spiritual ascension which can include past emotional pain. It truly helps the walking wounded, with a history of difficult life circumstances loss, or trauma. I seem to attract many clients with similar wounding and hence Helichrysum as been an important part of their healing journey too. It also helps with alcohol addiction, and I used it on my abdomen when I was in recovery.

The best part is it helps teach individuals to have gratitude for their trials, and see that they would not have sought healing that opened them up to a rebirth if it hadn't been for their trials. I can truly attest to this! If it had not been for my trials from being burned out in corporate in living in NYC and London, grieving the loss of my father, then becoming sober, I would not be in alignment with my true passion in the wellness field, able to self heal and help so many of you today. It has been a transforming, persevering, and courageous oil in my arsenal. The smell of it instantly brings me peace and hope.

The healing benefits truly are so versatile, I've truly enjoyed watching the personal and spiritual growth that comes through, for my clients and myself, because of this incredible oil.

Chemical Constituents

Top Properties

  • Antispasmodic

  • Anticatarrhal

  • Neuroprotective

  • Neurotonic

  • Vasoconstrictor

  • Haemostatic

  • Nervine

  • Analgesic


  • Corsica

Found In

  • Deep Blue Soothing Blend

  • Immortelle Anti-aging Blend

How it smells

  • Herbaceous, honey, hay

Physical Support

  • For wrinkles and stretch marks, apply with myrrh as needed

  • For nosebleeds, bleeding and hemorrhaging, apply over bridge of nose or area of concern

  • For scars, wounds, bruising, apply to scars and wounds to support skin renewal

  • For shock, pain relief, and nerve damage, apply to back of neck or area of discomfort

  • For psoriasis and skin conditions, apply with geranium on area of concern

  • For varicose veins, massage diluted with cypress onto affected areas

  • For tinnitus and earache, massage behind the eras to calm spasms, pain, and inflammation

  • For sinus congestion, combine with sandalwood and lemon, apply to forehead swab nostrils. Diffuse

  • For liver issues and heavy metal toxicity, take in a capsule to promote heavy metal chelation and liver cleansing

Emotional Support

  • When feeling wounded, use aromatically and topically to feel released

Spiritual Support

  • For alcohol addiction, apply to abdomen to clear

Ways to use

  • Check out ways to use Helichrysum here!

Companion Oils

  • Geranium

  • Clary Sage

  • Lavender

  • Rose

  • YarrowPom

  • Frankincense

How to order

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