Healing From Limiting Self-Beliefs with Essential Oils

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I'm going through a tremendous period of self-growth, in starting a business in this chapter of my life, and all the healing that comes along with this. It's an incredibly transformative and expansive period of my life, which has required me to slow down. Really take inventory, accept where I am, heal what needs to be healed, and see where I'm being led.

The first step to growing and expanding I've noticed, is to heal, then become aware of what beliefs are holding you back. This step cannot be skipped. When you uplevel or pivot to something completely new in life, you come up against all the limiting beliefs and perceptions you picked up in your childhood, all the way into your twenties. I didn't know this!

I started to research what essential oils assist in this step of my journey: removing limiting beliefs.

No amount of affirmations, positive thinking, or manifestation of your goals will work, if you have emotions and negative beliefs buried in your subconscious that are blocking this type of conscious thinking.

Because these beliefs and perceptions became ingrained when you were easily influenced growing up, they became your core beliefs thus running your reality (your subconscious makes up 90% of your consciousness, its extremely powerful).

They are not something you're conscious of, since they are under the surface of your line of view.

The parts of yourself that you disown and don't like, will rule your reality. If you reject the disowned parts from yourself, you will see these qualities in others and say you don't like that aspect of them. It will really be your projection of your own disowned qualities onto others.

You have to find and love the parts of yourself that you have disowned, or they will own you!

I learned through personal growth by working with my life coach, as well as the coaching and resources provided by DoTERRA and my team's leaders, that my healing needed to start with reprogramming how I grew up and the beliefs I formed through my experiences and social biases in conditioning.

I used the book Emotions & Essential Oils which outlines the emotional healing process and the stages that comprise it, along with overviews of each essential oil that assists with different stages of healing.

I also completed Free & Native's Reparenting Online course, it has been very powerful. Each module takes you through a time period in your life, from infancy to toddler-hood to teenage to adult. You reprogram each developmental stage and the beliefs you formed at each, through journal prompts and digital imagery recordings, essentially hypnosis.

Now I'm working on Free & Native's Shadow Work Online course. This brings to light the disowned pieces of your personality, or Shadow as it was referred to by Carl Jung. I'm already noticing a shift in myself and inner peace, this work is incredibly healing.

It doesn't matter if you had a fairly trauma-free upbringing, what matters is the way you interpreted events which then formed your beliefs and self image. Your subconscious beliefs are what create your reality!

One of the many things I learned was how much of an impact your preschool stage has on your purpose in life and your career. Funnily enough, my preschool was called the Purpose School: the synchronicity is uncanny. During this time I had leukemia, and had to be out of school for a lot of the year getting treatment. A phase where I formed lifelong perceptions of myself and the world around me. It's also why I'm such an advocate of healing and wellness.

Essential oils have helped to me heal so much, they are powerful tools and plant medicine that facilitate personal growth and healing. There are specific oils that reveal to you what is typically hidden in your subconscious, bringing the repressed emotions and limiting beliefs up to the surface to heal and clear.

You can't heal what you're not aware of. Not too many things in this world have the ability to affect and reprogram our subconscious naturally in this way.

With your limiting beliefs gone, you can attract and manifest love, success, and perfect self expression: your true authenticity unclouded by your hurt emotions and disowned shadow aspects.

Then you can truly be self-confident and empowered. Aware and accepting of all of you, able to attract positive change and experiences.

I used these specific DoTERRA essential oils to assist in releasing limiting beliefs, paving the way to confidence and empowerment:

Zendocrine Detox Blend: The oil of vitality and transition, it is designed to cleanse the organs and systems of the body. Emotionally, this blend assists during times of transition and change as it will assist in detoxing old habits and limiting beliefs - yes please! "When an individual has felt trapped by self-sabotaging behaviors, Detox Blend paves the way for new life experiences." It reawakens vital life energy, and encourages the release of physical and emotional toxins. It sheds apathy and any destructive habits including limiting beliefs behaviors and lifestyles, so that you have greater room to receive and embrace new experiences. I take 3 drops of this in a veggie capsule once a day.

Forgive Renewing Blend: The oil of forgiving, it removes blocks and resentments that stop individuals from forgiving: themselves or others. It challenges individuals to let go of bitterness and hostilities and embrace other people as an extension of themselves. Essentially it frees you because it shows that others are usually doing the best they can and deserve compassion. I use the roller ball over my heart once a day.

Black Pepper: The oil of unmasking. Since childhood, most of us have been taught that some feelings and behaviors are good while others are not. So we usually judge, condemn, and repress seemingly 'inappropriate' feelings. This can be passed on generationally and in our society biases. Many families don't express emotions with each other. Individuals learn that to be loved and accepted they must hide undesirable aspects of themselves behind a mask. This oil invites you to get real by getting to know the less understood parts of yourself, your subconscious and shadow self. This oil hastens the healing process and gives you strength to overcome the challenges and issues inside, in order to live in alignment with your true self. I use a few drops in the diffuser each day, it smells a lot sweeter and fresh than you think it would plus there are a ton of other health benefits for this oil.

Douglas Fir: The oil of generational wisdom, this helps you to reprogram your destructive thought and emotional patterns that were passed down to you. So many people don't realize that a lot of their struggles and certain qualities were passed down to them, including harmful patterns. This oil teaches you to learn and value your familys experiences, and that valuable wisdom can be obtained from learning from the past. It releases the conscious beliefs of others in your family letting you live by your values. I sniff this straight from the bottle a few times a day, and use it in the diffuser too.

Wintergreen: The oil of surrender. It's been in my diffuser every morning with Douglas Fir, the two pair nicely together. This oil assists in letting go of the 'need to know' and the need to be right, in order to surrender to a Higher Power. It takes great internal strength to do this, and it is something I have truly had to realize in order to step into the unknown. To trust this is the right path and that I will be led along the way. This pink- colored oil teaches how to let go and be free of the negativity and pain. The belief that life is painful and must be shouldered alone makes it so, and this oil shows that trust in yourself and the universe, will lead you past negative beliefs.

Juniper Berry: The oil of night, it brings up any subconscious thoughts and beliefs to the surface. It's wonderful to have at night before bed, dreaming is a great way to process emotions and heal which this oil will facilitate. It smells woodsy, sweet, fresh and I've been using it in the diffuser each night.

Copaiba: The oil of unveiling, this oil has the same effect on us as CBD. Did you know that cannabis plants are not the only source of cannabinoids? This oil allows you to release anxious feelings and limiting thoughts like 'what if'. When you are calm, you can see clearly what is holding you back. Under the anxiety and negative thinking, lies fear that must be brought to the light so that it can be healed and processed. Copaiba facilitates this safe way to heal, it's incredibly relaxing and its a fresh neutral smell that blends well with others in the diffuser. I use this oil in the diffuser everyday, and take two drops in tea to relax and ease anxious feelings.

Learn more about how to get started with these essential oils here!

My goal is to share my experience in healing with others as a resource.

The next step is becoming self-confident, so the next live conversation on essential oils on my Facebook will be Self-Confidence, be sure to watch live on Tuesday July 24.

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