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If you've heard about carrot seed essential oil, Fennel is part of this as it's a flowering plant species in the carrot family. Fennel has been used historically when in ancient Rome, warriors used fennel before battle, as it was believed to give them strength, longevity, and courage. It was also used in garlands as praise to victorious warriors.

Fennel essential oil is used today to instill these same qualities on all levels: mentally, emotionally, physically,and spiritually. Fennel is known for its licorice flavor and aroma, particularly for its use in the culinary world. Fennel is an evergreen perennial native to the Mediterranean which produces flowers, leaves, and seeds. The essential oil is extracted from the seed portion of the plant through steam distillation.

Fennel gets its' sweet flavor from its chemical constituent, trans-anethole, the monoterpene phenylpropene which is distinctly sweet—13 times sweeter than table sugar! In this way fennel can balance blood sugar naturally as it mimics sugars' effects - all naturally.

This also makes Fennel essential oil a great to tool to curb a sweet tooth, or overactive appetite, by adding it to water or tea. Interestingly, Fennel also supports healthy digestion and is a powerful gut healer. On top of that it's a hormone balancer, particularly for females, and supports the health of the lungs and respiratory tract. That's why it's found in doTERRA's digestion blend DigestZen, and women's monthly hormonal blend, Clary Calm.

Emotionally, Fennel is the oil of responsibility. When we're procrastinating, we're avoiding taking responsibility, so if that sounds like you this oil may be able to heal that at the root cause. Personally, as a recovering procrastinator I love to use Fennel in this way!

On a deeper level, it supports the individual with a weakened sense of self who may feel defeated by life's responsibilities which results in little desire to improve their life. It shows the individual that they do have full ownership of their life and reignites that passion for life. With regards to its physical healing component for digestion, it supports individuals to intuitively listen to what their body needs and stimulates the appetite for life itself.

Overall, emotionally it helps one to live in integrity with themselves despite the judgments of others. Isn't that what we all want? To be accepted, by ourselves, for who we truly are? This is one of the reasons why Fennel is such a powerful holistic healer, as it reunites a strong connection with body and self when it has been lost.

Chemical Constituents






Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties










How it smells

Licorice, sweet, honey

Physical Support

For nausea, colic and flatulence, take in a capsule or in water or massage in abdomen

For menstrual issues and PMS, take in a capsule or apply to abdomen

For menopause and pre-menopause issues take in a capsule or massage over abdomen

For cramps and spasms, dilute and rub into distressed muscles

For breast feeding or low milk supply, use in a capsule or in water to increase milk supply

For edema and fluid retention, combine with grapefruit and massage over affected areas or take in a capsule

For cough and congestion, apply diluted to chest and throat

For intestinal parasites and sluggish bowels, take with lemon in a capsule

For blood sugar imbalance, take in a capsule or add to glass of water

For hunger pains, take under tongue or in water to curb hunger as needed

For stroke take in a capsule or massage on back of neck

Mental Support

When feeling scattered or overwhelmed with a task or project, use Fennel aromatically, internally, or topically for focus and courage

Emotional Support

For feelings of being unproductive or low confidence, use fennel aromatically or topically to feel flourishing

Spiritual Support

When feeling disconnected from self, body, or life, dilute 3 drops with carrier oil and apply over entire stomach before or after meals

Found In

Clary Calm Women's Monthly blend

DigestZen Digestion Blend

Ways to use

Check out ways to use Fennel here!

Companion Oils









Blue Tansy


How to order

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