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Eucalyptus is known for its medicinal qualities as a powerful cleanser of the mind, body, and the environment. It's ability to clear respiratory airways allows for clear breathing which results in relaxation and tension release.

Eucalyptus is known as the oil of wellness, and it's used in many spas and massage therapy because of this. It's been used for hundreds of years, in World War I to control infections and influenza and by the Australian Aboriginal tribes for tools, shields, musical instruments, and health purposes.

The leaf is synonymous with koalas, as it's all these cuties eat - they eat an average of over 450 pounds of leaves a year! Anytime you see a koala pictured, it's almost always hanging out in the Eucalyptus tree which can grow upwards of 98 feet tall. It takes about 1 pound of leaves to make a 15 ml bottle of essential oil.

doTERRA ethically sources its Eucalyptus from Australia, where it grows in abundance. In fact, all of the species of Eucalyptus make up more than 75% of all the country's vegetation!

This tree requires a lot of water, no matter where it's planted, so planting it in fire prone areas like California has sparked controversy as it can act as tinder in these areas. That is what I love about doTERRA, the conscious thought that goes in to all production of products.

Due to it's tension relieving qualities, using this when feeling anxious or stressed, either in the diffuser or topically will help calm your emotions, mind, and body at the same time. The main chemical components of Eucalyptus radiata are eucalyptol and alpha-terpineol, making it a powerful respiratory support and soothing for skin, hair, and even cleaning surfaces in your home. I love to use Eucalyptus in my DIY All Purpose Cleaner.

Emotionally, Eucalyptus is the oil of wellness. Particularly for those always facing illness, such as congestion, the common cold, allergies, which can sometimes be a result of a deep spiritual or emotional issue.

It can be a feeling of "I don't deserve to be well" or "the only way I can get a break is by being sick"

Eucalyptus helps these individuals face these issues and trust that their needs and desires can be met if they allow themselves to be well.

Chemical Constituents



Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties











How it smells

Camphoraceous, airy

Physical Support

For congestion, cough, bronchitis, and pneumonia, apply to chest and over the bridge of nose. Diffuse or inhale from cupped hands

For shingles, malaria, cold and flu, apply to bottoms of feet or along spine and diffuse

For asthma, sinusitis and respiratory, put in palms of hands and inhale from cupped hands or apply diluted to chest and feet

For fever and heat sensitivity apply with peppermint down the spine for cooling effect

For muscle fatigue and pain, dilute and massage into overused muscles

For kidney stones, gently massage over kidneys or areas of pain

For cellulite, dilute and massage over area of concern

For earaches, dilute and apply to outer ear and bone behind the ear.

For breast issues dilute into breast tissues

for mental sluggishness, inhale with rosemary from cupped hands

For dust mites, apply 10-15 drops to a spray bottle and use as a dust mite deterrent

For cleaning disinfectant, add 10-15 drops to a spray bottle with water for quick drying disinfecting cleaner

Mental Support

For brain fog, use on temples and aromatically

Emotional Support

For feeling congested, use aromatically and topically to feel stimulated

Spiritual Support

If desiring to escape from life and its responsibilities, or clinging to illness, feeling defeated and powerless to heal, apply over lungs, chest and throat.

Found In

On Guard Protective Blend

HD Clear Skin Clearing Blend

Breathe Respiration Blend

Terrashield Repellent Blend

Ways to use

Check out ways to use Eucalyptus here!

Companion Oils

Douglas Fir

Juniper Berry










How to order

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* Methods of use: I'm only referring to use with doTERRA essential oils. Please use at your own risk with other brands.

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