Essential Oils for Spirituality

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Essential oils are historically revered for their mental, emotional, and physical properties. In more recent years they have resurfaced as people looked for more solutions to treat themselves with when allopathic care hasn't met their needs.

There's a whole other metaphysical aspect to essential oils, however, that isn't taught often. In fact, as I'll explain later in this post, the emotional, physical, and mental healing must happen first, to pave way for the spiritual healing and enlightenment.

There are so many references to essential oils in spiritual texts and holistic practices throughout history, where people around the globe understood their power and used them in this way.

Here are just a few examples of how essential oils have been used historically in spiritual ways:

Bible - Spikenard was mentioned in the bible as well as Myrrh, it was given to the Christ Child at his death for his burial.

Egypt - Egyptians used plant-based products in beauty treatments, food preparations, burial rituals, and religious ceremonies.

Greece - In ancient Greece, men like Homer and Hippocrates explored the aromatic uses of plants, building on discoveries made by early Egyptians.

Rome - Ancient Romans often used plant extracts for massage, perfume, and scented baths.

Iran - In medieval times, people in the region of Iran often used and traded spices or resins for perfumery and maintaining health.

India - Hindus use Sandalwood to anoint temples for spiritual awareness. Vetiver Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic healing system native to India, has developed over the span of 5,000 years and includes the use of aromatic and plant compounds.

Energetic Properties from a Spiritual Perspective

We understand that different substances and objects have energetic and vibrational properties. Higher vibrations attract higher better circumstances, people, and things, while lower vibrational properties attract lower quality of circumstances, people, and things (this might be new to you if you are just exploring spirituality).

Essential oils are the highest vibrational substances in the natural world, and in this way raise the vibration of the physical body so that lower energies like suppressed emotions, become unbearable. Like crystals, each oil has a purpose and specific properties for healing.

When the body is vibrating at a high frequency, the body wants to release lower vibrational feelings, such as stagnant anger, sadness, grief, judgement, and low self-worth, as they cannot exist in the environment of balance and peace which essential oils help to create.

We must first release trapped negative emotions before we can receive positive feelings. This mirrors the spiritual awakening process, we must first heal before becoming enlightened.

In fact, this is my favorite way to use the oils, I use them in my life and counseling practice in this way. In my integrative wellness coaching training, I learned about root causes of dis-ease, and that spiritual pain — pain and distress caused by an inability to find sources of hope, meaning, love, and peace during life circumstances that conflict with deeply held beliefs — can be an incredibly disruptive root cause of pain that affects all the other body systems.

From a holistic approach, our spiritual selves must be treated equally, if not a little more, than the other body systems, because our soul feeds the other body systems like gas on flames.

Essential oils are considered to be 40-60 times more potent than herbs, and in this way, they are powerful healers.

Essential oils are also natural plant matter that can positively affect us with no side effects, in the ways that substances, addictions, and synthetic medication can’t.

5 Stages of Healing

There are 5 stages of healing with essential oils, in this order, taken from the book Emotions and Essential Oils.

  1. Healing the physical body: Purifying the organs, glands, and body systems, fighting unfriendly microorganisms, and raising the body's energetic vibration

  2. Healing the heart: As the oils secure our physical health, they provide us with the energy needed to penetrate the heart and enter the emotional body system. Old feelings resurface and release, this may seem like it's getting worse but in reality the oils are working. They bring the emotion to be processed, experienced, and released: permanently.

  3. Releasing limiting beliefs: All of us have positive and negative beliefs, and our deeply held framework that is forged from the conclusions we make about our experiences. The oils illuminate the emotional patterns of deeply held beliefs, encouraging us to identify what is limiting to us. This releases the trapped energy and replaces them with positive beliefs.

  4. Spiritual awareness and connection: Acknowledgment of our spiritual nature is an essential part of healing. It's from the love from source that our healing can become complete.

  5. Life’s purpose: Once we have experienced the previous four aspects necessary in holistic healing, we are then ready to fully actualize our purpose and potential. We achieve clarity and courage to follow the path that is meant for us.

It's important to note, essential oils don’t do our work for us, they simply facilitate it. They foster the right environment for healing but they won't do the work for us. These are great tools that essential oils assist: meditation, journaling, and personalized modalities like subconscious work, talk therapy, energy work, and regression work.

Essential Oils that Specifically Support Meditation & Spiritual Practices

  • Arborvitae: The Oil of Divine Grace

  • Helichrysum: The Oil for Pain

  • Lemongrass: The Oil of Cleansing

  • Lavender: The Oil of Communication & Calm

  • Rose: The Oil of Divine Love

  • Sandalwood: The Oil of Sacred Devotion

Note: Hawaiian Sandalwood and Indian Sandalwood expand the sixth (brow) chakra. Hawaiian is slightly more supportive to additional upper chakra centers while Indian promtes slightly deeper and more ancient grounding in the lower chakras

  • Frankincense: The Oil of Truth

  • Myrrh: The Oil of Mother Earth

  • Roman Chamomile: The Oil of Spiritual Purpose

  • Spikenard: The Oil of Gratitude

  • Immortelle Anti-Aging Blend: The Oil of Spiritual Insight A blend of high vibrational oils like Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Myrrh makes this a wonderful aid for meditation as it quiets the mind, fosters inner stillness and encourages spiritual growth

Using the oils:

The best spot on your body to apply these spiritual-centered oils is on the back of your neck, historically this was used as a spot to anoint. Another place to apply it is on forehead and temples.



Emotions & Essential Oils

The Essential Life

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