Essential Oils for Forgiveness

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Is there someone you haven't forgiven yet? Is that someone yourself? Through coaching programs I've taken, we've learned about the Success Principles of Jack Canfield, and one of these principles is "Forgiving, with a capital F". Being unforgiving can actually stand in the way of your success.

It makes sense, when all your energy is directed towards protection or resentment from a specific event happening again, it's not being directed towards action in taking the necessary steps that are needed to reach a goal. It's a block, to receiving and sharing more.

My own healing journey has been one of forgiveness, from myself and others, such as my dad. As you might have read from my other posts he struggled with alcohol addiction and it caused me and the rest of my family to suffer as well. Until he passed away from it in 2016, that's when I truly began on the journey of forgiving.

Essential oils have played a role in helping me do that. There were many other choices I made in my life and career that I had to forgive myself for too, and the oils facilitated that. The essential oils guide and facilitate our work, they don't do our work for us.

We haven't been taught in our society how to forgive, and so sometimes we aren't even aware that that's what is needed for true healing. I believe I had a core wound of betrayal, just something I misinterpreted as a child, which manifested as real events in my life. Every time I was betrayed again my heart would close off a little more, and I would add it to my list of internal grievances.

Until I chose to consciously counteract emotions of anger and guilt, using essential oils. The feelings that replaced them were liberating feelings of contentment, relief, and patience. Forgiving doesn't condone the other person's behavior, it frees you from their effects.

Combined with other modalities such as meditation, art, energy healing, self-reflection, and crystal healing, essential oils have proven to be a force of renewal and healing in my life.

These are the best doTERRA essential oils to aid you on your path of forgiveness:

  • Forgive Renewing Blend

  • Copaiba (I included the sourcing video because I love it so much, I hope you do too)

  • Siberian Fir

  • Geranium

  • Thyme

  • Red Mandarin: A limited edition oil, only available the month of January with new enrollments of 100 PV (point value)

Ways to use

  • Diffuse when meditating to help release harboring feelings of anger and guilt

  • Apply to pulse points and heart throughout the day to feel grounded and content

  • Have the bottle of oil on hand throughout the day to smell

Are you ready to forgive? I would love to support you on your healing journey with essential oils. To get started with these essential oils, head over to the Essential Oils page here. Starting your wholesale account with an enrollment kit is the most value and waives the account fee. This month's (January) promotion is a free limited edition Red Mandarin when you enroll with a 100 PV kit, and an additional free Serenity Restful blend when you enroll with 200 PV! Once you get your oils you automatically receive our bonus offers in a continuing education membership community with a website, Facebook group, and educational resources such as eBooks, videos and more.

If you'd like my support in discovering what natural solutions you can use to support your wellness, I want to guide you! We have a thriving international wellness community of almost 200 people that are using their essential oils to manage their holistic wellness. Schedule your free 20 minute connection call here!

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