Essential Oils for Feminine Support

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During my monthly cycle this week, I realized how grateful I was to have essential oils to support my mood and physical body during this time.

I used to anticipate pain and erratic moods, and I needed to find comfort in supporting these, in order to honor the cycle that's completely natural. Because our thoughts have so much impact on our reality, if we complain and reject our cycle, we'll have a painful experience.

Thinking positively has an effective on how our period experience will go. From Louise Hay's book, You Can Heal Your Life, she provides the affirmation: "I now take charge of my mind and my life. I am a powerful, dynamic woman! Every part of my body functions perfectly. I love me." It's so important to think and affirm this during our cycle!

In fact, in many places around the world, I've learned that they completely honor their cycle by taking at least the first day of it off and allowing time to rest. I've started incorporating this practice myself (with a lot of resistance at first) and it's really helped me ease into the process, in turn creating a shorter and less painful experience.

We've been taught by our society to disown our feminine aspects, in order to fit in to a masculine dominated society. Except this not the true masculine form we see in society, this is simply the result of an imbalance from disowning the feminine. By honoring our femininity, as a male or a female, since we each have equal parts in us, we are actually helping society to balance itself out. All change happens on the individual level.

My goal in this post is to shed a light on tools that support feminine health and honor our natural processes. I'm also sharing the ways we can balance our feminine (yin) energy when we feel we're leaning too much towards the masculine way of doing things, which if left untreated can lead to burnout.

Before using natural products, I was using Tylenol (not safe at all) and hot water bottles, but if I was traveling somewhere then I was out of luck. Plus it took some work to make these all the time.

Side note - I'm on a plant-based diet and this week I found myself wanting to consume meat the week of my cycle (I'm not ashamed to say it!) and I needed to find an alternative source. It didn't mean my moral compass was off, I took it to mean it's just something biological and normal. Somehow tofu wasn't cutting it for me this week. I did some Googling and found out that it's totally possible to get all my cravings and nutrients in vegan form. So I listened to my body.

It wanted pizza! So I got my Meatless Lovers Supreme from Daiya, you can easily make your own too with gluten free crust and add vegan sauce and cheese. There's delicious coconut milk ice-cream, and my body wanted that too so I stocked up. From my research, I found that it's key to get enough Vitamin B, protein and magnesium this time of the month.

I made a hot chocolate with almond milk by adding some doTERRA V Shake (plant protein powder) with cacao and the cravings went away. I did this intuitively without even thinking of it, or it could have been because I was craving chocolate like we all do. And why is it that we crave chocolate at that time of the month? Because cocoa is high in iron and magnesium, and cacao happens to have even higher amounts of these than cocoa!

When you crave non-vegan foods on your period, it is because your body wants whatever those foods are rich in. Usually it's protein, iron, or B vitamins. I added extra delicious nutritional yeast on top of my meals (packed with b vitamins), ate iron rich meals, and got extra protein from the vegan protein powder.

Back to feminine support! There are simple daily routines that go beyond the week of the cycle that support our entire reproductive health. I have friends and family that are experiencing other feminine processes such as menopause, and I wanted to include the protocols for those as well. Other conditions associated with feminine processes such as endometriosis, hormone headaches and periomenopause, can be supported by the use of essential oils. The great thing is that one oil can be versatile and used to supplement different things.

All essential oils are not created equal, and only the highest quality will yield the results we need. In my own personal experience I found that by using these doTERRA products my cycle was shorter (1-3 days) and less painful, and when there was cramping discomfort on the first day I took one Advil and used the below protocols.

doTERRA is third-party tested with results on, produced sustainably in the world where the plant is most abundant and ethically through Co-Impact Sourcing, all while meeting the criteria of medical and food grade quality (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade), the industry gold standard. It's a no brainer. Learn more about hormone health balance from doTERRA's Dr. Hill in this blog.

I've shared how to use the essential oils that are part of my cycle support. I'm not a doctor, I'm just sharing what helps me (and countless other women) stay sane, relaxed, pain-free, and supported naturally below:


  • Clary Calm (Women's monthly blend, you'll see that this one is the most versatile! I apply this to temples and over lower abdomen for cramp support)

  • Peace Blend (Apply this to spine when moods are dipping)

  • Neroli (Applied to arms when hormones are spiking)

  • Copaiba Softgels (Take this when anxiety ramps up and physical pain)

  • Clary Sage (Supports balancing womens hormones, I use this in the diffuser)

  • Women's Kit (contains Bone Health Supplements, Phytoestrogen Supplements, and Clary Calm. I take these daily, even when it's not my cycle which keeps everything running smoothly)

  • Deep Blue (applied to lower back for cramps, works wonders)

  • Frankincense (place a drop on thumb and press on top of roof of mouth)

Hormonal Headache

  • Past Tense Tension Blend (my all time favorite, I apply this to my forehead and neck/shoulders when I'm experiencing tension - it works both emotionally and physically)

  • Peppermint (apply to back of neck, also known as the occipatal bone, for direct access to brain)

  • Frankincense (place a drop on thumb and press on top of roof of mouth)


  • Clary Calm Monthly Blend (I apply on ovaries for cramps)

  • Basil (I use this on the bottoms of my feet (largest pores) in the morning)

  • Turmeric (I take 3 drops in a veggie capsule, it contains curcumin which treats inflammation)

Irregular cycle:

  • Cypress (the oil of flow, I use it in the diffuser)

  • Jasmine (applied directly on lower abdomen)

  • Juniper Berry (use this in the diffuser, blended with Cypress is nice)

  • Past Tense

  • Whisper Women's blend


  • Bergamot

  • Cypress

  • DDR Prime Cellular Complex

  • Clary Calm


  • Basil

  • Clary Sage

  • Clary Calm

  • Roman chamomile

  • Geranium

  • Zendocrine detox blend


  • Cardamom

  • Clary Calm

  • DDR Prime Cellular Complex

  • Fennel

Additional Feminine Energy Support:

  • Rose

  • Myrrh

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Ginger

  • Jasmine

  • Wild Orange

Are you interested in supporting your feminine energy and cycles with these tools? Head over to my Essential Oils page (be sure to use my ID 5818293 so I can support you + you can join our community!) page to get started.

If you'd like my support in discovering what natural solutions you can use to support your wellness, I want to guide you! We have a thriving international wellness community of almost 200 people that are using their essential oils to manage their holistic wellness. Schedule your free 20 minute connection call here!

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