Essential Oils for EMF Protection

While in self-quarantine, I've really reflected on how things in my environment affect my health. I already live a non-toxic lifestyle and have since 2018, but I'm always taking it a step further with noticing how my environment affects me, on a physical and emotional level.

Since slowing down, I've noticed the effects of EMF (electromagnetic field) and collectively I've noticed more and more of us asking questions on how to protect ourselves from the harmful effects of EMF's. With increasing technology (5G, WIFI, and EMF), highly sensitives people (HSP's) are especially affected, and it's important to mitigate some of the side effects of our tech gadgets. Research shows that continued exposure to radiation can create:

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Chronic headaches/migraines

  • Depression

  • Digestive issues

  • Memory problems

  • Chronic feelings of stress or anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Heart palpitations

For me, I've noticed anxiety, fatigue, emotional imbalance, and tension headaches as side effects of EMF.

EMF Effects

According to, cell phones emit radiofrequency radiation (radio waves), a form of non-ionizing radiation, from their antennas. Parts of the body nearest to the antenna can absorb this energy.

High-frequency EMF’s (microwave) exposure showed a disturbance of red blood cells and membranes in this study.

EMFs have an effect on immune system suppression, blood cell functions, and cellular communication.

Electromagnetic frequencies are described in units called hertz (Hz). Essential oil frequency is also described in hertz units.

100% pure essential oils like the ones I use from doTERRA possess antioxidant properties, in addition to many other wellness supporting properties such as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, immune-boosting, etc.

How to Protect from EMF

Here are some steps to take to mitigate the immediate effects of EMFs:

  • Turn your phone on airplane mode at night. Keep on a bedside table, not on your bed

  • Don't put your phone up to your head to talk, use the speakerphone. Don't lean your phone on your body like your stomach.

  • Turn off your wifi at night. This gives your body a break

  • Don't use Bluetooth close to your body/head, turn it off on your phone when not in use

Essential oils each have varying Hertz frequencies, which generate energetic protection by increasing the body’s Hz to combat the incoming stimuli.

Essential oils can help nourish and support the body and mind during these times of environmental stress, particularly with immune, circulation, and cell support. They serve as an adaptogen.

  • Rose essential oil is known to have the highest Hz at 320. Apply this to inner arms and neck

  • Lavender essential oil runs about 115-120Hz. Diffuse this and apply to bottoms of feet, diluted with fractionated coconut oil.

  • Yarrow | Pom essential oil offers restorative and antioxidant support to help not only against negative energy invasion but to release free radicals. Antioxidants have been scientifically shown to be very beneficial with EMF protection. It can be taken with one drop under your tongue and apply to bottoms of feet.

  • Rosemary essential oil chemical makeup offers significant protection from mutagenic activity. You can diffuse it and apply to bottoms of feet diluted with fractionated coconut oil.

Essential oils can raise the body’s energy (vibration) so it can function as best as it can to keep immunity strong. I always surround myself with aromatherapy and my immune system is definitely stronger than when I never used them.

There is some interesting research on Rosemary essential oil, where it has been found that you can remove the radiation from your body through Rosemary essential oil. In 2009, The British Journal of Radiology published a study that found that the carnosol acids in this herb could offer significant protection from mutagenic activity. This means that rosemary acts as a protectant by encouraging the body’s own defense mechanisms to fight the damage caused by radiation. (source)

Rosemary is also known to kill off free radicals, which also cause damage to cells.

This same study also found that rosmarinic acid delayed the formulation of toxins, offering the body as much as 3.4 times greater protection than any other compound used in this study. Another study done in Spain noted that exposure to radiation caused the formation of great quantities of free radicals and that rosemary also helped in this study to stop free radicals before they can cause damage.

The carnosol and carnosic acid in rosemary are fat-soluble, which helps them provide us with powerful anti-mutagenic activity. By the way, 100% pure oils like doTERRA are all fat-soluble so they provide support on a cellular level because they penetrate the cell's membrane.

I put a mixture of doTERRA Rosemary essential oil with fractionated coconut oil on the bottom of my feet to detox the radiation. Putting the mixture on the soles of the feet provides protection for the whole body because, as reflexology shows, the bottoms of the feet are connected to every organ. Diffusing the oils in a water diffuser also provides the same effects. I apply the Rosemary Essential Oil/Coconut Oil mixture on my feet every morning and evening.

As you can see, you can take steps to limit your usage and there are powerful tools in essential oils that can provide protection from EMFs! Here is my EMF recommended collection:

EMF Collection

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