Edible Oils? Taking Essential Oils Internally

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There is a lot of conflicting information out there on taking essential oils internally, so I wanted to write this post to clear up any confusion while highlighting the benefits of taking essential oils and the safety measures to take when doing so.

When I first started my research in my journey of essential oils, I saw many articles with differing views: some saying it was safe to take them in water every day and some saying it was actually not safe at all.

As magazines and media start to catch on to the magic of essential oils, I've read articles about them and have been puzzled with their recommendations. All of them usually say something along the lines of: "Aromatherapists don't advise on taking oils without the supervision of an aromatherapist or your physician." Let's be totally honest here, if you went to your doctor today would they be able to support you in taking essential oils !?!

NO. Not at all. That's because they aren't trained to use essential oils. Supervising and prescribing oils happen to be the main components of the job for aromatherapists, so you can see how this would be what they recommend.

This recommendation is operating from the old and outdated paradigm of needing someone to 'cure' you with their solution, under their supervision only, the classic patient and doctor power structure dynamic.

The honest truth is that you can choose to support yourself in your health, and administer essential oils on your own. How empowering is that? You just need to know how, that's what I'm going to go over now.

Essential oils are actually most powerful and effective when taken internally. With this knowledge it becomes more of a question of how you take them internally.

Let me back up by saying that essential oils can only be taken internally in their purest form, at the highest level of quality. The bottle will say whether or not it safe to take internally, and the fact of the matter is there aren't that many kinds of essential oils at this quality safe enough to ingest.

What you want to look for

The oil must be 100% pure, therapeutic grade with a disclaimer stating it is safe to ingest. There is a lot of deceit going on in this unregulated industry at the moment, and at first glance a lot of oils you find will say natural and 100% pure, but on upon a closer look at the ingredients you see some chemicals you've never heard of. Or if you see its mixed with another oil, like jojoba oil, this also signifies it isn't pure.

When I first started using oils I thought I was getting great quality when I found some 100% Australian Tea Tree oil at Trader Joe's. I didn't even realize it said Australian until months later, and not 'natural' or 'pure' as I had assumed. These are the kind of little tricks I'm talking about, and after my research I know now that Melaleuca is the purest form of Tea Tree oil, and I only use oil that's 100% pure Melaleuca: nothing else.

In this case, DoTERRA is a brand that meets this high quality standard, hence making it safe to ingest. As a wellness advocate for the company I feel strongly about people using essential oils safely, without harming themselves, others, or their pets. I also believe in sustainable and ethical business practices that support our environment and its people, and this is another one of the company's main missions. You vote with your dollar so be sure you are voting for a company that is doing good for the world, too.

Back to how to take the oils internally. There are many reasons to take oils this way, and since it is the most powerful way to take them you want to be sure you are taking them safely.

A main concern is the effect of the potent plant medicine on our esophagus, mucous lining and our stomach. Even if the essential oils are 100% pure, and especially so, they are very powerful and everyone's body responds differently. For example, I'm hypersensitive to allergens so I notice that drinking oils in water daily is a little too much for my throat. Yet my business partner Laura is able to knock back oils straight from the bottle daily with no physical reactions at all.

This got me interested in how to take them in a way that was safe for me and so I found that there a few different ways to take them.

Why take essential oils internally

Edible oils can be used in treating tooth aches and gum issues, as well as a mouthwash and in oil pulling. You can treat anything from colds, stomach viruses, even emotional issues and detox with oils internally too. Essential oils are most powerful when taken internally.

They are volatile compounds, and some of the oils can be hot to the touch like cinnamon, clove, and oregano, so you want to be careful. I highly suggest getting this book, The Essential Life, to have as a reference as your start your journey in oils, it's how I got started in mine! When you enroll and join our community through me, you get this book as a gift. :)

They are also used in cooking in small amounts to flavor, there are plenty of recipes to cook in the The Essential Life book. I like to use them when I don't have the herb form on hand to flavor my recipes, it gives a much more concentrated flavor.

First, check that the oil you want to take internally is safe to do so, some of the kinds aren't safe to, even if they are pure they will say it's not safe to ingest.

Here are a few ways to take essential oils internally and safely:

  • Put 1 drop of the oil of your choice on the pad of your thumb and press to the roof of your mouth

  • Put 1 drop of the oil of your choice underneath your tongue

  • Put 1-2 drops in an empty veggie capsule and dilute with coconut oil

  • Try putting 1-2 drops in a glass water and stirring, making sure to record and evaluate how your body reacts

I found these are the best ways to minimize contact with the esophagus, mucus, and stomach lining while still enjoying the benefits of taking the essential oils internally. I go into a few different ways along with what oils to use in a guest post I did for Girl in Healing here.

Here's how I like to take essential oils internally:

  • 1 drop of Frankincense under the tongue each day (induces a feeling of mental peace, relaxation and satisfaction, and helps relieve anxiety, anger and stress, also increases spiritual connection)

  • 1 drop of Slim & Sassy Metabolic blend in a veggie capsule with coconut oil (promotes positive feelings of joy while boosting energy and metabolism, yes please)

  • 1 drop of Peppermint on the pad of thumb in roof mouth (whenever you need a pick me up instead of coffee, or to curb addiction cravings)

  • 1 drop of Grapefruit or Lime in my sparkling water (both detox and plus make the water taste delicious)

  • 2 drops of clove and oregano in a veggie capsule of oil (when I'm feeling a sickness come on, only take oregano for 10 days tops its that powerful, its a natural antibiotic and kill will all bacteria, good and bad, so be sure to follow up with a probiotic after)

See how your body reacts to the different ways of taking them and choose what feels good for you. It's so empowering to be in control of your whole health: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

How do you plan to use essential oils internally? Let me know in the comments!

If you're ready to support and empower your wellness with essential oils, get started here and I look forward to welcoming you to our community!

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