Douglas Fir Essential Oil

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Douglas Fir is one of my all time favorite essential oils, its' inviting, clean, airy, and woody aroma is so unique and it's something that refreshes my mind and mood instantly every time.

While Douglas Fir is native to North America, doTERRA sources its Douglas Fir from evergreen trees in New Zealand. What's really cool about that, is Douglas Fir is an invasive species of New Zealand that threatens the environment, because it keeps other native plants from growing in the surrounding soil.

Sourcing it from here provides doTERRA with the opportunity to sustainably and responsibly source from young evergreen trees all while helping the environment - not destroying it!

The sourcing video where they talk about how they do this (below) is so inspiring, incredible and informative!

Like some of the other coniferous essential oils, Douglas Fir contains a high concentration of the chemical constituent beta-Pinene which provides respiratory support and easy breathing, making it a wonderful physical support in that aspect as well as emotional support for anxious feelings.

It has a citrusy smell to it, because of the beta-Pinene, which is also found in Lime and Lemon essential oils. Its' other chemical constituents, a-pinene, 3-carvene, sabinene, have soothing properties on the mind and body. Douglas Fir also supports positive mood, focus, and removal of skin imperfections. Learn more about the chemistry of Douglas Fir here.

Emotionally, Douglas Fir is the oil of generational wisdom. For survival purposes, our ancestors had to pass on wisdom throughout the lineage that would keep help keep the species safe. In modern society though, these same thought patterns are limiting, not necessary and in many times can be destructive.

Douglas Fir assists individuals to live according to their own values, and let go of limiting thought beliefs and patterns. In this way it also encourages healthy family dynamics, by learning from and valuing others experiences and extracting the wisdom that each new generation brings.

When feeling burdened by family issues, or negative generational patterns Douglas Fir helps one to break free and live life on their individual, conscious terms while still holding respect for the family they've come from.

Chemical Constituents





Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties














How it smells

Clean, Fresh, Woody, Airy

Physical Support

For congestion and sinus issues, apply to chest or bridge of nose

For respiratory infection & cough, apply to throat, chest, or diffuse

For muscle & joint soreness, massage with wintergreen to affected area for soothing relief

For rheumatic and arthritic conditions apply to affected areas

For constipation, apply diluted to abdomen

For skin irritations and abrasions, apply to affected areas

Mental Support

For mental fog and low energy, apply to temples, forehead or diffuse to clear mind and revive enthusiasm.

Emotional Support

For depression and tension, apply to temples, forehead, and back of neck or diffuse to relax and ground

When feeling upset, use aromatically and topically to feel renewed

Spiritual Support

For generational healing and clearing negative thought patterns as well as healing from the past, apply 1-3 drops on base of spine or on bottom of feet, or use aromatically

Ways to use

Check out ways to use Douglas Fir here!

Companion Oils




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How to order

If you’re already a doTERRA customer you can add it to your Loyalty Rewards Order. Not a wholesale member yet? I'd love to help you order Douglas Fir here. Be sure to enroll with an enrollment kit if you want to waive the annual $35 fee! Then add on single oils you'd like.


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