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You might have seen these beautiful crystal water bottles popping up everywhere, and you may be wondering... do they actually have any use other than looking beautiful?

The answer to that, is yes! Since ancient times crystals have been used for their powerful energetic healing properties. In fact, drinking water with crystals is one of the easiest ways to absorb their healing power and energy on a cellular level, on a daily basis. Not everyone has the time or space to meditate with crystals each day, and drinking water allows us to get those benefits on the go.

Crystals can heal deep seated issues, help with prosperity and other areas of our life like love, relationships, shielding and boundaries.

Not all crystals can be used to charge water. I discovered a crystal company that uses only crystals that are safe with water. In fact, they come attached to the water bottle.

Not only are they gorgeous, but they serve therapeutic benefits.

Everything holds a vibration, if you've heard of the experiment by Dr. Masaru Emoto where

he proved that human consciousness has an effect on water, where positive words created beautiful snowflakes in water and negative words created ugly shapes.

The same is true for crystals, they are gifts of the earth and each hold a different vibrational healing quality, just like pure doTERRA essential oils.

Here were a few things I manifested in the first week of owning a Citrine water bottle, a stone of business success and abundance:

  • Nifted Giftcard (worth $30) I got a local business gift card, which could be applied to the business of my choosing, from my yoga teacher

  • I won a free month of WeWork Membership in a random drawing (worth $400)

  • I won 2 Free months of ClassPass offer (worth $158)

  • I signed on 3 new doTERRA members

  • I got a free yoga and barre class (on top of Classpass!)

Things I noticed:

  • I went to more yoga, which led to more mindfulness

  • I received more creative insights and mindfulness, I got a download on what event I should host in the next year. Business success!

  • 2 new business opportunities were finalized with partnerships at studios that I'm hosting my Aromastone bracelet workshops

This water bottle is another tool to add to your manifesting spiritual tool kit, just as you would use affirmations or regular crystals. I'm really noticing a difference in the amount I'm manifesting whenever I use this bottle. Increasing our vibration increases our ability to attract and get aligned with synchronicities in the universal flow.

Soji allows you to interchange the crystals in their new bottles, so you can change them out based on what you're working on in your life.

Get yours here

Thank you Soji Energy for sponsoring this post and thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible.  As always, opinions are my own.

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