Coriander Essential Oil

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doTERRA Coriander essential oil is part of the same plant that produces Cilantro essential oil, however it's extracted from the seed while Cilantro is extracted from the leaves!

An annual herb also known as cilantro, both the leaves and the seeds of the Coriandrum sativum plant are commonly used in cooking for their aroma and flavor. In addition to their use in cooking, they offer relaxing properties, both physically and mentally, as well as digestion support, skin support, and even cognitive health.

Thanks to Coriander's main chemical constituent of Linalool, which is also the main chemical constituent for Lavender essential oil, it has soothing properties for any anxious feelings or stress.

Coriander has a herbaceous, calming and floral scent, while it also stimulates the senses which makes it a lovely complement to the mint oils, such as Peppermint and Wintergreen.

Emotionally, Coriander is the oil of integrity. Most important, it deals with integrity to our self. For those who are susceptible to being trapped in a role of always serving others while neglecting their own needs, Coriander reminds us that we don't need to conform to fit in, if that betrays our True Self. Coriander aligns individuals with their truth, their way of being and living that may be outside the box from others.

Coriander reminds us of our uniqueness and to let that be our gift to the world, which means living in connection with one's spirit. It aligns us with our True Self! With integrity being one of my own top personal values, makes Coriander one essential oil I keep coming back to.

Chemical Constituents Linalool




Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties Analgesic






Found In DigestZen Digestion Blend

Sourcing Russia

How it smells

Green, floral, herbaceous

Physical Support

For gas and nausea, rub over abdomen or take in a capsule or glass of water

For high blood sugar and diabetes, use with cinnamon internally in a capsule with meals to help regulate blood sugar

For itchy skin and rashes, apply to area of concern

For joint pain, apply directly to area of concern for soothing relief

For neuropathy, use in a capsule

For no appetite, take in a capsule or inhale from cupped hands

For food poisoning and diarrhea, use in a capsule or apply to abdomen

For body odor, take in a capsule

For low energy and nervous exhaustion, put in palms of hands and inhale or apply to bottoms of feet

Mental Support

For mental clarity and focus, relief from nervous racing thoughts, use in a diffuser, apply to back of neck, or inhale from cupped hands

Emotional Support

For feelings of apprehension, inhale or use topically to instill participating

Spiritual Support

A solar plexus (located on upper stomach) chakra healer, which is your space of personal will, applying this on this area or on bottom of feet, will align us with inner guidance and integrity

Ways to use Check out these recipes for Coriander essential oil here!

Companion Oils






Roman Chamomile

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