Cilantro Essential Oil

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Cilantro is a fragrant cooking herb, that happens to have powerful holistic healing properties. While some seem to love and some seem to hate this herb, there is no denying it's supplemental benefits for our overall wellness.

Because Cilantro contains Linalool, the same chemical component found in Lavender, it has the same relaxing and soothing properties for the mind body and spirit. It has even been found to treat sad feelings, because of Linalool's effect the on the Monoaminergic system of the brain.

Cilantro and Coriander essential oils come from the same plant, the Cilantro is extracted from the leaf while the Coriander from the seed. These are often used as spices in Latin American, Asian, American and Thai cuisine.

Cilantro adds a flavor boost to dips, rice dishes, salads, soups, and more, in place of the fresh herb. It is a highly concentrated form of Cilantro, so it's the most potent part of the plant. Using the essential oil instead of the plant in herb or powder form will provide the wellness benefits, plus you will always have it on hand!

The plant produces flowers as well as an oval shaped fruit that holds two seeds. The seeds will create the Coriander. The Cilantro plant can grow to be up to 50 cm in height. This soft plant originates from the Near East and only survives one growing season.3

When taken internally, Cilantro provides digestion and antioxidant support as well as detoxification. It supports a healthy liver, which is why it's found in doTERRA's Zendocrine Detoxification blend. A healthy liver means relief from allergies, when it's free from toxicity.

As a natural body cleanser and detox, Cilantro can be used to detox from free radicals, such as heavy metals, when taken internally. In the home, Cilantro has the same cleansing properties as it does for the body. It's found in doTERRA's Purify Cleansing blend, which is used to neutralize odors and clean around the household.

Emotionally, Cilantro is the oil of releasing control. Just like its' powerful physical healing properties, Cilantro facilitates emotional cleansing from toxic emotions and energies. It helps one release worry and control by centering in their true self.

It's found in doTERRA's Past Tense Tension blend which helps to release tension and worry. It helps remove the constriction and obsessing, which usually spreads to managing the environment, people, or possessions one has.

Clinging to mental strain and worry are patterns that one holds on to which actually betray their true self. Through it's detoxification, Cilantro helps to release issues from the past buried deep in the heart, body and soul.

Chemical Constituents Linalool

trans-2- Decenal

Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties





Found In

Zendocrine Detoxification blend

Past Tense Tension blend

Purify Cleansing blend


The U.S.

How it smells

Fresh, herbal, sweet, pungent

Physical Support

  • For heavy metal detox & antioxidant issues, use in a capsule to detox from free radicals

  • For gas, bloating, constipation, apply over abdomen

  • For allergies, apply over liver or on bottoms of feet to ease allergies by reducing liver toxicity

  • For liver and kidney support, take in a capsule or apply over liver and kidney area

  • For fungal and bacterial infections, use in a capsule and apply to infected area

  • For cooking, dip toothpick and add to your favorite salad, dip, or guacamole

  • For body odor, combine with peppermint in a capsule

  • For anxious feelings, inhale or diffuse

Mental Support To stop obsessive thoughts and creating scenarios in the mind, diffuse or place drops in hand, rub and inhale

Emotional Support When feeling controlling, trapped and worried, inhale from bottle, or diffuse

Spiritual Support To release heavy burdens and surrender to the support of a higher power, apply 1-3 drops of the solar plexus chakra (upper stomach)

Ways to use

Check out these recipes for Cilantro essential oil here

Companion Oils

  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

  • Bergamot

  • Basil

  • Lemon

  • Clary Sage

  • Black Pepper

  • Coriander

  • Geranium

  • Marjoram

  • Cinnamon Bark

  • Ylang Ylang

How to order

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