Cedarwood Essential Oil

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Cedarwood essential oil is one of my all time favorite wood-y scents. Similar to Vetiver, Patchouli, and Sandalwood, it's known for being an incredibly grounding and tranquil oil. It's known as one of the most grounding essential oils due to its chemical constituent sesquiterpene alcohol cedrol.

doTERRA's Cedarwood is sourced responsibly from the Red Cedar Tree in the South Eastern United States. This resilient tree can grow up to 100 feet tall, and live up to 900 years! Cedarwood can survive extreme climates, and thrive in different soil types.

Historically, the cedar of Lebanon is thought to be one of the first essential oils extracted from nature. The ancient tribes believed God held the energy of the heavens on earth in the cedar, and that the wood was sacred, gifting those worthy with power, greatness, and immortality.

It's even mentioned multiple times in the bible. The Egyptians incorporated it into their embalming rituals while the Phoenicians and Assyrians used cedar to build fleets of ships.

Cedarwood has the ability to calm angry emotions, and it promotes a calming environment especially right before bed. It has a calming effect on the mind as well, which makes it a support for boosting confidence and vitality. When feeling unfocused or unsettled, or after a difficult day, using Cedarwood helps one to feel centered, calm and strong.

Spiritually it's the oil of Community, and helps us to feel connected. Cedarwood supports individuals in seeing that they are not alone, and that there is strength and value in community. It inspires the feeling of belonging and assists the heart in opening to receive the support of other people. It balances the need for strong individualism with a community.

Just like the ancient tree it comes from, Cedarwood essential oil instills feelings of stability, determination, and vitality.

Physically, Cedarwood traditionally is used as a natural insect repellent, similar to how the tree protects itself from insects. Placing a drop on a cotton ball in a closet will keep moths at bay. It has clarifying properties when used topically so using it as a skin support can help keep the skin looking healthy and clear.

Just like the tree, it imparts age old wisdom to those that work with it.

Chemical Constituents




Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties







Found In

Serenity Restful Blend Terra Shield Outdoor Blend

Clary Calm Women's Monthly Blend


South Eastern United States

How it smells




Physical Support

  • For support of ADD, ADHD, and Low Gaba Levels symptoms, apply to back of neck, across forehead, and diffuse to regain focus and concentration

  • For psoriasis and eczema symptoms, apply a drop with Lavender to affected area

  • For cough and sinus issues, apply to chest and forehead and inhale from cupped hands

  • For urinary tract, bladder, and vaginal infections, apply to lower abdomen

  • For gum health, apply to gums

  • For acne, apply with a drop of Melaleuca to blemishes

Mental Support

When working, studying, or anytime focus is needed, diffuse or apply to back of neck

Emotional Support

When feeling anxious, diffuse or apply to bottoms of feet by diluting with fractionated coconut oil

When feeling ungrounded, stressed, or angry, diffuse or apply to bottoms of feet

Spiritual Support

When feeling alone or antisocial, diffuse or apply topically by diluting with fractionated coconut oil and apply on arms, legs, or bottoms of feet.

Ways to use

Check out these recipes for Cedarwood here!

Companion Oils



Juniper Berry

Cinnamon Bark








How to order

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