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Cardamom is an exotic spice known as one of the most expensive in the world. To me it's always been a warming and comforting smell, reminding me of the Indian mango lassies I used to love growing up that were flavored with this plant. You can actually make your own with this recipe!

It always gave me the sense of the exotic and opulent so I loved baking with it in Christmas cookies growing up to add a special flair.

While it's a wonderful flavoring for baking and cooking (at a much better price point than the powder in essential oil form due to its variety of uses), Cardamom is so much more than just a cooking spice.

Physically, it's a gastrointestinal and respiratory support, as well as a healing agent for skin when applied topically. Emotionally, Cardamom is the oil of objectivity. It specifically helps with managing feelings of anger and blaming - especially for those unable to think clearly because of these emotions. One of my colleagues swears by it and uses it daily as her preventative medicine.

Overall, it helps to regain self control, especially for those that have hot-headed tendencies. It helps bring balance, mental clarity, and objectivity during times when this isn't so easy, in the case of extreme frustration. Those who are prone to aggression and expressing this outward would benefit the most from Cardamom.

Cardamom is native to Southeast Asia, and is a member of the ginger family.

Chemically it's made up of monoterpenoid esters called terpinyl acetate and linalyl acetate.

Other essential oils like Lavender, Clary Sage, and Roman Chamomile also contain monoterpenoid esters, which is why these oils are commonly known for their calming and soothing properties.

Use Cardamom to invigorate, relax, and cleanse!

Chemical Constituents

Terpinyl acetate


Linalyl acetate



Learn more about the chemical constituents in doTERRA's chemistry wheel.

Top Properties








Found In

Breathe Respiratory blend & lozenges



One of my favorite sourcing stories!

To learn more about the Co-Impact Sourcing initiative in Guatemala, visit these links:

doTERRA’s Partnership with CHOICE Humanitarian Brings Drying Facility to Guatemala

Co-Impact Sourcing Cardamom

How it smells

Spicy, fruity, warm, balsamic

Physical Support

  • For congestion, apply to the chest and bridge of nose or diffuse

  • For stomach ache & constipation, take in a veggie capsule or apple to abdomen

  • For gastritis and stomach ulcers, use in a capsule

  • For menstrual and muscular pain, apply to the area of concern to relieve pain and inflammation

  • For sore throat and fever, gargle in water or apply to throat and back of neck

  • For cooking, use to flavor and enhance your favorite foods

Mental Support

  • For mental fatigue and confusion, apply under nose and to back of neck to clear

  • This is a powerful centering oil and powerful mental support

Emotional Support

  • For feelings of frustration and anger, smell straight from the bottle, apply to bottoms of feet and diffuse

  • For self-centered feelings, use in the diffuser or apply to back of neck

Spiritual Support

  • If you find yourself frustrated with where you are in your life or with your reactions to someone in your life, dilute 1-3 drops with carrier oil and apply behind ears, on wrist, and over the sacral chakra (lower stomach)

  • Cardamom can help open the heart chakra, and increases our ability to be giving and generous – It allows us to tap into our spirit of generosity, letting our hearts to be open and gracious with others

  • Since it quiets the mind, it's a great support for meditation. In the same way it releases negative energies and thoughts and helps us access our inner wisdom, which is under all of the noise

  • For addictions to angry emotions, diffuse or inhale from cupped hands

Ways to use

Here are some ways you can use Cardamom. Learn more about cooking with Cardamom here. I love this recipe for Cardamom Banana Bread!

Blends well with


Serenity Restful Blend



Any citrus essential oils










Ylang Ylang

How to order

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