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"Good business is good for everyone" - Hugh Jackman, as the surprise guest performer for the 10 year anniversary of dōTERRA

First off, I want to say that I have never been to a global convention or company wide event for that matter, where it felt like family and where we were given permission to dream..

The theme of dōTERRA's Global 2018 Convention in September was Dream, and even the color and branding of the event communicated the positive and inspiring energy. This year was dōTERRA's 10 year anniversary, and they truly pulled out all the stops. With an event hosting over 50,000 people, in two different arenas, it was still run as smoothly as possible.

There was so much reference to heart, spirituality, and service that I've never seen at any other company I've worked with before, including corporations such Epsilon, Cognex, New York Life, Verizon, and Google. Hope was alive here!

Ethics, Transparency, Sustainability, and Service

dōTERRA is a billion dollar company, yet you would never know it from looking from the outside because they are so humble. Even their work with the non-profit company they created, Healing Hands, is not something they talk or brag about. When I learned about the positive change they are creating in the world with combating sex trafficking, I was floored. I had no idea the level of their efforts. I worked at Google HQ in London and I never experienced this level of camaraderie, social responsibility and community service from a corporation.

There were no flashy cars, designer clothing, or money on display at this convention which is quite typical of other network marketing companies. dōTERRA happens to be the network marketing company that others are looking to model, because of their high level of continuous success. Service has been at the core and that coupled with an amazing product, integrity, leadership and business model has been why it's brought abundance (on so many levels) to so many.

Every person I met was so kind, both on my team and the greater group at large. And some of the speakers mentioned, they had never met a dōTERRA person that was grumpy! It's so true. The oils play a big part in that :) It wasn't until going to convention that I truly understood how steeped in service sharing essential oils with the world is - on the same level of mission work.

Hugh Jackman as the Guest Speaker & Performer

Oh, and Hugh Jackman was the surprise performer and guest! In between the speakers they had been teasing with dancers performing the songs from The Greatest Showman, yet still no one had any idea until the moment they unveiled! He opened with the song The Greatest Show, which aligned perfectly with the Dream theme of the convention. This movie also holds a special place in my heart because I watched it for the first time on my way home from Vietnam this year and it aligned with my dream and actualization of my online business.

In between singing his other songs from Les Mis and Boy from Oz, Hugh sat down and talked with Kirk Jowers, the VP of Corporate Relations. Hugh talked about all his dreams of being in movies and musicals growing up, and how he consciously manifested them into his reality. The Greatest Showman was 10 years in the making and there were so many times he said where he could have given up in producing it. He also has a ethical coffee company called The Laughing Man Foundation, so he was impressed with the co-impact fair trade sourcing initiative dōTERRA has.

He also said that when a company culture is right, you feel valued no matter what level you are, and that he could truly sense that this was the case for dōTERRA. Amen! The same cannot be said for most companies out there.

This company was built on integrity and ethos, as David Stirling a founding member and CEO said, at a time where there was only corruption in the industry and the company they broke away from (which still exists, Young Living), was not built on quality, ethics, or standards. In fact the reason founding member Emily Wright chose to leave Young Living first, followed by David Stirling due to the decision, was because she was denied equal pay to her male counterparts from her boss.

dōTERRA covered so much in the few days we had! We had one day focused on science and the latest research, another on the sourcing of essential oils, another on service with their Healing Hands Foundation (my favorite), and then another day announcing all the new products! There was a product showcase center which had demos, and behind the scenes making of the new items. We also had a tour of dōTERRA headquarters and that felt really special to see where all the magic happens.

Here's an overview of the incredible upcoming wellness industry updates:

Prime Meridian Integrative Medicine Clinics

Starting in 2019 with a launch in Pleasant Grove, Nashville, and Phoenix, dōTERRA is opening holistic clinics called Prime Meridian that will be addressing the whole person. More clinics will be opened in the U.S. from there! The Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade standard of doTERRA essential oils allows dōTERRA to partner with medical systems and doctors. The same cannot be said for any other essential oils company out there.

I've heard people say "dōTERRA just created that standard for marketing purposes." What they actually did was create the gold standard of quality that wasn't existent, which was an issue because any company could set up shop and sell essential oils with '100% pure' labels on them even if that wasn't true since the FDA doesn't regulate plant medicine. It turns out that this standard makes doTERRA the only brand in the world the medical community is interested in working with.

Doesn't that sound safer, that instead of replacing conventional medicine, it's actually integrating with Western care by partnering with them? The essential oils will be prescribed with the ability to fulfill the order through a local Wellness Advocate. This is also taking the power back from big pharma and putting it towards real people. I find that remarkable and I do understand now how this is the way the future of medicine will work.

Opening health care facilities, physicians will be taken through deep education on essential oils. Doctors right now don’t have this education, even though most advice you see with essential oils is to ask your physician. This is going to alleviate the broken health care system without replacing it.

How it will work:

· It will look at the whole person, offering counseling, energy healing, physical care, and emotional components

· Lower costs significantly, easing the burden

· Putting all the focus on the patient wit a low monthly price

· Doctors are paid by the patient not by the insurance

· Doctors will spend at least 30-60 minutes with each patient (currently they showed the average is about 10 minutes)

· Integrative approach, combining allopathic and holistic care. They want to work with the doctors not replace them.

· Prescribing only dōTERRA essential oils, they learn about the alternatives to conventional medicine and find their nearest wellness advocate

· Coming to Pleasant Grove, Phoenix, and Nashville first quarter of next year, with more across the U.S. on the way!

Veterinary Advisory Board

With the little information there is out there using essential oils safely with animals in the home, doTERRA has assembled a Veterinary Advisory Board to provide product education and support for using essential oils with animals! These are veterinarians that have experience using essential oils in their businesses, in a way that is supporting and healing animals. They had a panel with the board where they discussed different ways to use oils safely with all sorts of animals, from cats, to dogs and horses.

Again to the people out there that are saying dōTERRA is peddling oils to animals, they simply don't understand. dōTERRA are actually providing the necessary education from vetted and professional sources so that people have the education to be empowered in using their oils safely with pets at home.

We've all heard the scary stories out there on Buzzfeed and on social media, and we don't know what kind of oils that the people telling them are using or how they're using them, with about 80% of them on the market being toxic & adulterated. Animals have different constitutions from humans and they are quite sensitive to oils, just like babies are. There needs to be education and resources on how to source safe oils with vetted information around their use. It's such an empowering move on dōTERRA's part to enact this panel starting next year!

Non-Profit Work

Healing Hands is the non-profit arm that doTERRA created, it partners with different companies that are creating social good in the world. One initiative is addressing sex trafficking from all stages: with prevention and busting trafficking rings with Operation Underground Railroad, and rehabilitating kids that have come from sex trafficking in the Rapha House

They have also partnered with Days for Girls, which provides menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilizing volunteers, and innovating sustainable solutions that shatter stigmas and limitations for women and girls. This is for the girls in developing countries that are forced to live in an outhouse during their period, it makes it so they can go to school and lead life normally.

Another partner is Mentors International which provides microlending to small business owners that do not have access to financing opportunities or whose only lending options are with unethical and even dangerous lenders.

They also have Wellness Advocate trips which I plan on joining, where they go in the communities all over the world where the oils are sourced and help with community projects. They are elevating communities in some of the poorest areas in the world through this work. It's just incredible and I'm incredibly proud to be partnered with such a socially responsible entity. When you order from doTERRA you can check off the box to donate $1 to Healing Hands, which I always do! Read more about Healing Hands here.

doTERRA Chemistry & Third Testing

They have now partnered with testing facilities that are on par with what big pharma is using to test medication, such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Athena Health. There is on study they worked on known as the Roseman Study, and they are testing dōTERRA essential oils compared with other company's oils. They will soon release results so that the public can see which oils are adulterated or not. From the study, they showed that the dōTERRA essential oils tested have therapeutically-relevant cellular effects in many physiological, scientifically-validated research models.

They also observed that the effects of dōTERRA essential oils were not replicated by administration of individual components within the oil itself, suggesting that the biological effects of dōTERRA essential oils are a property of the whole oil. Not all companies that adulterate their oils are aware of it, so it's not malicious, however it just shows how companies are not testing at this level. dōTERRA is the only company that is being this transparent with their results which really makes them a company I trust.

They are a company based in science, if you're like me and you love to know how things work, have a look at their chemistry wheel and chemistry eBook. These each explain how oils work the way that they do based on their chemical constituent. I also love the science blog which goes more in depth with different oils and topics.

Why I love doTERRA:

  • Their mission on serving others and empowering people in their health

  • Sustainability as a priority: Sourcing only from the places in the world where the plant is most abundant

  • Ethical business practice as a priority: This means paying farmers fairly and within 24 hours of work - each bottle you purchase is supporting these families across the globe!

  • Social responsibility and giving back through Healing Hands

  • Personal growth as the main focus, with unlimited potential. They say when you join doTERRA, you're in the personal growth business!

  • Manifesting, spirituality and prayer talked about freely in the business as a key to success, while still being rooted in science

  • Highest quality of essential oils in the world with third-party test results made public on Source to You

  • The opportunity for financial abundance in residual income: No more trading hours for dollars, you create a pipeline which will pay you for a lifetime, so you'll make money over time even when you're not working

  • The community aspect & support of like-minded leaders that are running along side you

You might be thinking, this all sounds too good to be true! I know that's what I thought at first too, and after doing my research, the work, and experiencing convention I know that is in fact real, and it's amazing.

I'm currently expanding my team with two opportunities for becoming a Wellness Advocate. Learn more on my page here to see if being your own boss and sharing your passion for wellness feels right for you! Reach out to me at with why you want to start your journey, along with any relevant experience you may have (doesn't have to be directly related!).

I already can't wait for convention in 2019! Which of you are headed there?

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