Best Essential Oils for Transitions


As a transformation coach, I use an integrative approach to assisting women through their fears, anxieties, worries in their current life transition, in a collaborative approach to a life that is balanced and whole. We approach their goal in their life, like mastering a move, transitioning to be an entrepreneur, or traveling the world, through a holistic lens.

Transitions can be challenging, either a new job, a new move, a loss you are grieving, or a recovery. We're taught in society how to gain and achieve, not how to lose and let go. So in my own transitions in life like moving, starting and leaving jobs, and grief, it became apparent to me that we dont have the tools to cope with this amount of stress. That's where essential oils play a powerful role.

As plant medicine, certain oils have properties that elicit positive, resilient, optimistic emotions, allowing you to handle tremendous change with ease. On their own they are incredibly helpful in assisting you through major transitions, whatever they may be. Change is constant, so there will be a time in your life where oils can help.

Coupled with coaching they are incredible changemakers and you will actually be surprised at how seamlessly positive changes happen. Understandably, you need a lot of support, love, and kindness in transitions, actually more in this time than any other point in your life. Essential oils instill these feelings while stimulating your olfactory bulb, the most ancient sense of smell, which then transmits the message to your mind and emotions.

Here are specific oils that I recommended to clients that are powerful tools for supporting your transition:

Melissa: Also known as lemon balm, melissa takes you from despairing, hopeless, darkness, burdened, loss of will to live, to enlightened, joyful, energized, spiritually connected, contagious enthusiasm, LIBERATED. How incredible is that? Everyone's primary want and need, no matter who they are in the world, is to be free and happy. This oil encourages them to keep going, and ignites ones true self, fueling the spark of energy.

Arborvitae: This assists individuals who belief or act like all progress must be made through struggle and solitary effort (the old me). It invites individuals to live with peace and joy by trusting in the abundant flow of divine grace. Takes you from excessive effort, controlling, fearful, to peaceful, surrender, trusting, relaxed, grace

Siberian Fir: The oil of aging and perspective, a client of mine recently started working with this oil as she transitions from graduating college to planning her next step. This is a difficult transition, I know from going through it personally as well, and this oil is perfect for healing the fear of uncertainty. It helps ease difficult transitions by encouraging individuals to focus on finding meaning and purpose with each new chapter, taking what they learn on the way while realign with their true hopes and aspirations to the reality of the moment.

Lemongrass: The oil of cleansing, it removes negativity, old limiting beliefs, toxic energies, and teaches individuals to move forward without hesitation. Many times in transitions, analysis paralysis can occur and this is a powerful tool in counteracting that, reminding individuals that they are courageous enough to achieve anything they want, by supporting energy in flowing freely and smoothly, by letting go of past issues and stagnant energy.

Helichrysum: This oil is an amazing healer for pain, and often during transitions our greatest pain is brought up. This oil aids those with a difficult history of life circumstances, self-destruction, loss, and trauma. By giving powerful spiritual support, it gives strength and endurance while restoring confidence in life and in the self. It imbues joy, hope, fervor to hurt souls. It is the oil of warrior spirit, bringing a rebirth to those that are discourage, despairing and in intense emotional pain.

Geranium: This oil aids in healing the broken heart, as it restores confidence in the innate goodness of others and the world. Perfect for if you just went through a breakup, it facilitates trust when it has been lost in others due to difficult life circumstances. Promoting emotional healing, honesty and empathy, it is gentle enough for babies and children. It helps those that are more logical access their heart.

How to use them: Use a couple of drops in your diffuser or diluted with fractionated coconut oil on the bottoms of your feet and neck.

Want to start using plant medicine for transitions? Join us and go to my Essential Oils page

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