Best Essential Oils for Empaths

Are you an empath? Do you feel hypersensitive to your environment, including other people's feelings and thoughts? If you do so many triggers exist for you to feel drained, and there are many ways you need to protect your energy. If you don't know what an empath is read up here.

After being in a crowded festival (a festival about plants used as a medicine, nonetheless) on Sunday, I was wondering why I was feeling so out of sorts and drained, even though I had a great time. Then I remembered, RIGHT I'm an empath and I pick up on other people's energies super easily so its no wonder being in big crowded spaces is so draining. If you feel and read other people’s emotions you are experiencing the power of being an empath.

Being around so many people all day did a number for me, so right when I got home I looked to my essential oils to rebalance me, along with meditating and taking a shower with Himalayan pink salt at the bottom of the tub. Salt is very healing, it pulls the negative energy out and down from you, it's incredibly effective in a foot bath too.

There are specific essential oils I found to be the best for removing emotional energy I may have picked up from others, including low moods, anger, depression. Low moods hold low vibrations, and since all matter has energy and vibrations, we understand that some things have high and low vibes. So we need to use the higher vibe items to get back in a high vibe mood. Make sense?

Seriously I felt so out of sorts I was scrambling to get my oils as soon as I got home! Empaths need time alone to recharge, and these oils are the best way to recharge after too much peopling.

Crystals are also a great tool for empaths in raising and protecting their energy, so it was just as well that I picked up some of these at the festival I was at! I got rose quartz, amethyst, and citrine. Crystals hold a high vibration and can even be charged with positive intentions. Citrine is able to shield from negative energies since it doesn't soak them at all, and its also the stone for money, abundance and career success.

Smudging is another tool to add to the empaths' tool kit. I use palo santo, it smells woodsy and fresh, it dispels any negative energy surrounding you, while sage actually neutralizes energy so getting rid of some of the positive energy too!

Along with grounding meditations, salt baths, envisioning a protective shield of white light around you, and crystals, essential oils are some of the highest vibrational healing medicines on the planet! These essential oils help to rebalance your energy as an empath:

  • Tea Tree: The oil of energetic boundaries, I apply this over my heart and wrists each day for protection. If I had to pick any oil for an empath it would be this one.

  • TerraShield Outdoor Blend: The oil of shielding, this is a powerful blend that's formulated as an insect repellent, but works in the same way of psychic attack. It creates a protective shield around your body, and helps you feel safe. If you unconsciously merge with others' energy, try this one.

  • Geranium: This is oil I like to use after feeling drained, it is equal parts uplifting and sedative while it transforms sad and anxious feelings into calm and peace

  • Copaiba: Its effects are most often compared to those of CBD oil (except better) so its relaxing to your body, mind, and spirit. It sends a signal to our mind and body to relax, which is something empaths whose senses are typically on high alert when they don't need to be, leading to fatigue. I take a drop of it under my tongue most days, learn more about the science behind Copaiba here.

  • Clary Sage: This is used to balance hormones, particularly in premenstrual cycles, and it is perfect for clearing anxious and sad feelings with its euphoric effects. It's a third eye-opener that makes it supportive of empaths and developing intuition.

  • Console Blend: Part of the Emotional Aromatherapy Line, this is a blend specific from DoTERRA, where it feels like you're being wrapped in a hug - it's that comforting! It contains Frankincense, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Labdanum, Amyris, Sandalwood, Rose, and Osmanthus

  • Neroli: Eases anxiety, counters shock, rebalances mood. This oil helps if you have a tendency to worry, it's mildly sedative so use before bed to soothe a racing mind.

  • Rose: Helps balance hormones, clear mental fatigue, and align with a higher divine healing. This is the highest vibrational oil in the world, and it is such a heart chakra healer. This will help you connect to the divine and vibe at a high rate!

  • Balance Blend: Also a blend specific to DoTERRA, this is a grounding blend that is great for grounding. It's easy for us empaths to feel ungrounded, so I use it every morning on the bottom of my feet to start the day. It gets its grounding properties from all the tree oils in it, it's got the sweet, woody scent of Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, and Osmanthus Flower essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

  • Frankincense: Great for head-clearing, cleansing and lightening your mood. This is the oil of truth, and it will reveal anything that is not of the truth or highest good. As empaths we have a tendency to always look for the best in people, when that may not be in our best interest. Frankincense helps to discern.

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