12 Essential Oils for Fear

Fear is described as a feeling of dread and agitation caused by the presence or imminence of danger or perceived threat. Everyone encounters fear at some point in their life, it can especially spring up in times of great change and transition. What's important with fear, I've realized, is to define the relationship you have with it.

I've had first hand experience with redefining my relationship with fear, in starting this business. Thoughts that plagued me were "who am I to do this?" and "I'm not ready yet." It came up and reared its' head in such a covert way with these excuses, that I didn't even realize it was blocking me from moving forward in my business.

I had to (and still continue to) do a lot of inner work to hold space for this fear, without repressing it but also without letting it take over. It's a delicate balance. I worked with a coach and took online courses I've mentioned in previous posts, The Unblocked Shadow course from To Be Magnetic, B School by Marie Forleo, and The Heartful Biz from Vienda Maria.

Because it's not something you can ever run away from or are ever completely done with, I learned with my coach that you need to accept fear as part of you. I thought I would win a battle with fear and it would be out of my life once and for all: not true!

Without accepting fear, you risk having it out of sight and running your life - without you even knowing it! You'll reason and make excuses, and it won't even feel like fear is the one causing this because you won't know that it's there.

What you disown, owns you

Fear will always be there, instead of it running away from it, treat it like a friend.

Talk to it lovingly like a child, because in reality it could be your inner child afraid and scared.

It wants to keep you safe, which is why it's so resistant to the unknown, and when this happens you can thank it for its good intentions and let it know that you'll be moving forward anyway.

Did you know fear can be an addiction? It's known as an endogenous addiction, as it causes the body to produce extra endorphins and other chemicals that make a person feel good temporarily. This changes your body chemistry which creates a dependency on the activity, even if that is a negative behavior like fear.

This is why I'm so incredibly grateful for the essential oils. Because they are chemical in nature, essential oils can assist with emotional and chemical support for the brain, in a non-toxic way and without side effects.

Thanks to my go-to resource, The Essential Life, I was able to look up 'fear' as an ailment and find out what essential oils alleviate this behavior and mood. I love this book so much because it covers emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments as much as the physical.

I also pulled some of the top oils for fear that I've used in a roller blend from Desiree Mangandog's book, I Am Fabulous.

Fear can be debilitating if you don't identify it, and make space for it. Fear is the opposite of love and faith, so there are specific oils that you can use that instill feelings of safety, love, being upheld.

Please note, I love dōTERRA oil only because they are the gold standard in the industry, both in quality and production. I only partner with high-quality businesses that produce sustainably with ethical and social justice initiatives. Learn more about them here.

These are the top essential oils for fear:

  • Cassia: For when you're feeling embarrassed, hiding, fearful, insecure, and judged. This spicy and hot oil dispels fear and replaces it with self-assurance. It leaves you feeling confident, valued, and authentic. I love to add a couple of drops to water, this oil can be irritating to skin so if you use it topically be sure to dilute with a carrier oil.

  • Cinnamon: For when you're feeling controlling, fearful, jealous, or body shame. One of my favorite smells/flavors ever, it brings properties of being accepted, surrendering control of others, it invites you to be honest and vulnerable. Another hot oil, I like this in a rollerball blend with Ginger.

  • Ginger: For when you're feeling defeated, unwilling to take responsibility, stuck, and in a victim mentality. When you're just starting out in something, like entrepreneurship, it can be so easy to succumb to these states of mind. Use Ginger in the diffuser and in a rollerball with Cinnamon to bring empowerment, purposefulness, and accountability to yourself.

  • Patchouli: For when you're feeling tension, ungrounded, and disconnected from the body. As a Type 4 Energy Type, it's so easy for me to get caught up in my mental thinking space. Patchouli brings me back into my body, as it's the oil of the root chakra. In the diffuser, it brings confidence, stability, groundedness, balance, and body connection.

  • Myrrh: For when you're feeling distrusting, neglected, unsafe in the world. Before you take the leap, and especially if you've experienced trauma and negative experiences, it's difficult to be trusting and to feel safe. Myrrh supports you in feeling safe in the world, trusting, nurtured, loved, secure and grounded. Use this in the diffuser in the evenings.

  • Console Blend: For when you're feeling grief, loss, traumatized, anxious, unsettled, burdened, and restless. One of my all-time favorite blends from the Emotional Aromatherapy line, Console has been there for me in healing from my past to the present. It's so incredibly healing, it lets you experience the feeling of being comforted, content, whole, serene, and healing, during turbulent transitions. Love this one in the diffuser

  • Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend: For when you're feeling unworthy, self-judging, and self-criticizing. As a former perfectionist, I love to add a couple of drops to my water whenever I'm starting to experience these feelings.

  • Passion Inspiring Blend: For when you're feeling regimented, duty-bound, serious, joyless, dispassionate, and self-denial. In starting my business, I first approached it with these types of attitudes. No wonder it didn't feel enjoyable or flowing! Since using Passion while taking my online courses, I approach my business with so much more joy and enthusiasm now, and each day is now so exciting. Naturally, my creative juices now flow easily and I feel inspired, alive, playful, and passionate about my biz. I love using this in the diffuser - and as a perfume

  • Bergamot: For when you're feeling despairing, hopeless, unlovable and low self-esteem. It's so easy to feel this way in the beginning building from the ground up. Use Bergamot every day in your water to experience self-acceptance, optimism, confidence, hope, being lovable and good enough!

  • Peace Reassuring Blend: For when you're feeling afraid, unsafe, spiritually disconnected and controlling. I used Peace when I first quit my 9-5 lifestyle and embarked on this journey, it helped to instill a sense of serenity, contentedness, and spiritual connection, despite all the outer changes in my life. I love the roller blend of this on the stomach and feet before bed time.

  • Basil: For when you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, drained, exhausted, and stuck in negative habits. This is a powerful oil that helps with addiction, which can really be any pattern that is negative in nature, like fear. Use this in the diffuser during the day to feel energized, renewed, rejuvenated, rested, and strengthened.

  • Cedarwood: For when you're feeling anti-social, lonely, separate from others. Fear can sometimes cause you to isolate yourself inadvertently. The oil of community, Cedarwood helps you reach out to those around you and help you feel emotionally connected, supported, social bonds, and community oriented. Use this one in the diffuser! Social support is one of the most important things you'll want to have for accomplishing your goals. I'm so lucky and grateful to have a few amazing friends and family that hold this space for me and support me.

Which oil have you tried to help alleviate fear? Fear will always be there no matter what level of success we get to, it's all about rewriting our relationship to one of acceptance, and to use our oils to transcend into our best selves.

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