How to Find Calm Amidst the Chaos

Based on your questions in this month's newsletter, I've created this free series of educational lives on my Instagram on Wednesdays in April at 12 PM EST. I've transcribed the first live on how to stay calm and grounded, into this blog for you.

First, I've found that the thing that's keeping me in faith and in trust of what is happening, is my relationship with spirit, the Divine, the universe. Whatever you believe in, I'm finding now is the most important time to cultivate and deepen this relationship you have to something greater. It will help you more at ease, trust me.

Second, understand that this time is actually positive even though it's creating a disturbance. I'm sensitive to how it's impacting everyone, including marginalized groups and those that are ill, yet it's shifting things that need to be improved for our new golden age.

The year 2027 is an important year in astrology and Human Design and is referred to as the golden age. Everything that happens over the next few years is leading up to this exciting time in our humanity. Expect positive innovations to everything in our society: how we work, create abundance, create, eat, so much.

I felt this shift in myself right when this all started, on some level I feel we all did. We realize as people that we are more powerful than we thought: what we do affects others more than we thought.

This knowledge is what reassures me. It's important to focus on your internal locus of control vs. external locus of control, a psychology term I learned about many years ago through my research. This focus is found to leave to happier and thriving lives, as your inner world is translated by your actions into your outer world, despite your circumstances.

I'll share practices and helpful tools that will keep you grounded and protecting your peace despite what happens in the world.

Be in nature

When possible, get outside in nature each day. Even if that's just the park down the street, your backyard, or staring out the window. I've actually found that watching nature on TV is really effective in bringing calm. I've enjoyed watching Moving Art, One Planet, Fantastic Fungi. Nature is so grounding for our bodies, especially when we’re inside all day and most likely connected to technology. Nature is restorative to our nervous system, and learning more about it helps us appreciate the fact that we are in partnership with Earth. We need Earth, maybe more than it needs us.

Find purpose

Go inward and see what this is prompting you to discover about yourself. Often times, we are so distracted that we push down our hurts and keep ourselves busy so we don't have to feel it. This sacred pause is offering us the opportunity to heal on the individual and collective levels. What is something you’ve been running from or unconscious of that needed healing? Start to become aware of the role you play, because we ALL play a role. Your purpose can be tied to what needs healing because once you've healed or improved in some way, you can help others with your gifts to do the same.

Be present Take this one day at a time. When we're present we are more intimate with our emotions. Maybe we've been out of touch with our emotions by being so busy and distracted. When you do feel grief and fear, let it express itself through you. Cry, kick and scream, journal it out, then create art. No more repressing our emotions, we have the space to feel them now. We can equally hold all emotions on the spectrum, and expressing them is actually healthier.

As empaths or highly sensitive people, there’s a tendency to internalize the environment and take it on as our own. We can pick up on collective fear and collective guilt. Along with being an empath, I’m a reflector in Human Design, where I feel and reflect energies around me. I became aware that I was taking on this as my reality when individually our lives don’t just stop from this. Yes, they’re affected but we adapt and move on with our lives. Here's an affirmation to help you feel safe in the present moment: I’m safe in my body. All my needs are taken care of. This time has actually allowed me to be so present, to the point where I realize how not present I was before. It’s so much calmer to be present. Then you might discover in the present what needs healing. This is an opportunity to become closer to yourself than you ever have been. Which allows you to be closer to others. Journaling is a great way to release, and these next tools I’ll recommend help to release too. Create from here, creativity is a healing salve for not only you but those you share your art with if you choose to.

Move energy and connecting to spirit

I've been practicing breathwork, Kundalini yoga, EFT tapping, and meditating each day in my morning ritual to move energy and integrate the new energy we're now living in. If you struggle with meditation, try using guided meditations. Right now I'm finding Steve Nobel’s meditations on Insight Timer and Youtube to be very effective. I'm doing Breathwork with Erin Telford, EFT tapping on Youtube with Brad Yates, and Kundalini yoga on Yogaworks online (free with code ONLINE).

We’re experiencing new energies each day and this type of work integrates it into your body, and that can relieve the anxious feelings that come with these light high vibrational energies. I'm grateful for these modalities because otherwise, I don't think I would have committed to these practices which are improving how I handle change and create peace within myself. Reading spiritual books, automatic writing, and using angel cards are another way to connect to your intuition and find support from a higher place of wisdom.

Move your body every day

Whether that's a walk outside, an online yoga class, a jog, or online classes for strength and cardio on youtube. Daily walks are a non-negotiable for me, I go at least twice a day. My disposition is much better from these walks, I notice a difference when I don’t go for them. They help to break up the time of sitting. Sitting is actually so bad for our health if you want to look more into that it may inspire you to move every hour.

Learn something new

I took a Traditional Chinese Medicine oil blending class last night, and I’m taking an essential oil specialist certification through doTERRA which you can also take here. It gives you something to look forward to and makes you feel as though your time is useful!

If you're looking for more ideas, I'm offering these free live workshop on Wednesdays on my Instagram @guidetowholeness, I offer a course on how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle and I'm hosting an upcoming online Ayurvedic essential oil workshop on Saturday, April 18th (sign up on my email list at the bottom of this post to get the invite!) You could also learn a new language on Duolingo, I'm learning Spanish at the moment :)


Make sure to check in with at least one person a day, ideally 3 people by text or zoom or social media. Isolation is worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and this time has taught me the true importance of relying on each other for support.

Use these essential oils

You'll want to reach for plants that are calming and uplifting. Blends that create a feeling of grounding and calmness are Peace Reassuring blend, Adaptiv Calming blend, and Balance Grounding blend. Diffuse these oils and apply to neck, bottoms of feet, and wrists daily. Purchase these oils here, just search for these blends after clicking Buy Now.

Be mindful of what you consume

Stay aware and informed, then balance that by watching inspiring Ted talks or funny videos. Only check updates a few times a day at scheduled times. Always check in with yourself and decide what feels true to you. Delete social media or unfollow people if needed - we are wanting that connection so it’s way easier to allow yourself to get sucked in. Just be aware of that.

To be notified of these workshops and my upcoming ayurvedic essential workshop, be sure to sign up for my email list by submitting your email below! Look forward to seeing you at the next IG Live workshop


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