Generational Healing with Essential Oils

Updated: May 20, 2019

Generational healing is such an important component to anyone's healing journey, and I feel like it's not focused on enough in the traditional therapy and psychology field. I got the idea for this post based on a topic that I presented on last month in our team's continuing education class on Addiction and Essential Oils. Many times in addiction, we are actually repeating patterns or negative thoughts and feelings that have been passed through our lineage for years and years, embedded in our DNA - literally - without being aware of them.

All individuals carry a portion of their ancestors' lives and stories within them - physically, emotionally, and through inherited traditions. Everyone is made up of energy, and our energy is made up thoughts, feelings, belief systems, and more.

There are so many experiences embedded in our families, and our roles within them. Most of them we aren't even aware of, so they are hidden in our subconscious. Our society also heavily influences our programming that's passed down through our lineage.

For example, there is a slave consciousness that has been passed down through families in the U.S. During last month's continuing education class, my colleagues Laura and Hilary referenced the book Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome by Dr. Joy DeGruy. As a result of twelve years of quantitative and qualitative research, Dr. DeGruy wrote this book which explains the etiology of many of the adaptive survival behaviors in African American communities throughout the United States.

Post traumatic Slave Syndrome is a condition that exists as a consequence of multi-generational oppression of Africans and their descendants resulting from centuries of slavery.

This results in today's systemic patterns in the African American community that reflect these behaviors are: vacant esteem, marked propensity for violence and aggression, racist socialization and internalized racism. Because there are not many avenues to heal from, this injury continues to persist.

Hilary and Laura shared this book to illustrate the power of generational patterning in our society.

Because this information is encoded in our DNA, it's so hard to even become aware of the pattern as being separate from us. Regardless of race, location, or gender, it happens in every family. Was there a story of struggle that was prevalent in your family? That life was hard, that you had to follow a specific set of steps in order to be safe and happy? I.e. get a prestigious job, don't follow your dreams or you'll be destitute, live in a nice house, don't travel too much or it means you're an escapist or that you don't have your life figured out. Or you're the black sheep of the family, because you're setting out on your path that threatens the structure that's been set forth by the family.

By the way, these patterns can be spoken or unspoken, and they are equally powerful.

Do you see how many forms these beliefs can take? What makes it so hard to detach from them is that as a child, you need acceptance and love from your parents so you are heavily influenced to change in order to get this. As adults, the beliefs you formulated as a child persist and you cling to them because you feel you will be rejected from your family if you don't.

Especially if you come from an immigrant family, that brings a whole other dynamic - another country's patterning, history, and beliefs pushed onto you. What they needed to believe to survive was passed on to you, even though it doesn't' affect you in the present. It tends to be a lack mentality.

As you can see, these patterns can become destructive. Particularly with addiction and mental illness, this pattern is definitely encoded in our cells for generations and generations. So if you're influenced by this, have empathy for yourself and understanding. This is why it can seem so incredibly hard to overcome, because you're coming up against possibly 7 lines or more of generation that have felt a certain way.

Other examples of negative patterns include substance abuse, anger, codependency, physical or emotional abuse, eating issues, pride, and the need to be right.

What's so beautiful though, is that you can be the one that changes your family's lineage forever. If you are willing to walk the path, you can spark the positive pattern that is set forth in motion for centuries to come. In my own life I feel this is the role I've (inadvertently) undertaken, I'm the first to be sober in my family with a lineage of alcoholism, the first to recognize animals and the earth as a priority by going vegan, and the first to be self-made, by owning my own business.

And while I'm up against SO many societal and generational patterns that say the exact opposite: you need alcohol to have fun and to decompress, there must be something wrong with you if you don't drink; you're the odd one out for not eating meat and you're being difficult; and that it's not possible to make your own money based on your talents and gifts, I'm incredibly blessed for so many reasons. One, for being born in this amazing country and generation where it's possible for anyone to start their own business, succeed, make a social impact, and have a voice, and two, for my essential oils and healing that are clearing out this patterning buried deep in my psyche and cells.

In order to move forward with my own life, I needed to reject the rejection pushed on to me by society and my ancestors.

Some oils, like doTERRA's DDR Cellular Blend, are supportive in releasing all types of negative family patterns which are recorded in the body itself (in the cells' DNA). Some of these patterns can be doubt, disbelief, despair, and burden, and the oil helps to relieve those.

These oils assist in unearthing these negative patterns from the hidden recesses of the body and soul. Once they are made conscious to you, then they can be put to rest. By doing so, individuals break the tradition.

What I find most remarkable (and totally necessary) is that in these oils assisting breaking the patterns, it offers a refuge of spiritual protection and helps individuals stay true to the path of healing, even if their family members oppose them in leaving behind the traditions.

What I also love about these oils is that they still honor the good that was inherited from their family while clearing the destructive aspect of patterns, such as Petitgrain. All while encouraging awareness of how to heal wounds in the family line, by revealing tendencies that are unconsciously repeating family mistakes.

What's so important, is that these oils encourage those who view any departure from tradition as a betrayal of the family to release the fear of disapproval and forge the path that is right for them. This is how the pattern can be broken! Because just as destructive it can be to follow in the path of your ancestry, disowning your ancestry keeps you stuck as well.

Essential oils combined with any healing work such as meditation, affirmations, past life regression, etc., shift our perceptions and the way we feel, literally reprogramming our brain.

I love that these oils teach one to value others experiences, especially in their family and ancestors, while still living from their own conscience and values, letting go of harmful patterns that are passed down.

Here are the top essential oils for generational healing:

Siberian and White Fir (The Oil of Aging & Perspective and The Oil of Generational Healing, respectively) Clears hereditary burdens, codependency, destructive patterns, and comforts, forgives, instills wisdom, peace, and optimism. Diffuse or apply on bottoms of feet

Birch (The Oil of Support) While this oil isn't currently available from doTERRA, it seems to be offered once a year in limited quantities. It takes you from being fearful, weak-willed, overly flexible, to supported, firm, strengthened, grounded and receiving. Diffuse or apply on bottoms of feet

Jasmine (The Oil of Sexual Purity & Balance) Good for clearing sexual repression, trauma, and fixation. Apply on sacral chakra and on temples.

DDR Prime Cellular Blend (The Oil of Transformation) This blend is incredibly powerful, it works emotionally as well as physically with the cycles of life and death and personal transformation. I just started working with this and I take 2 drops internally daily in a veggie cap.

Petitgrain (The Oil of Ancestry) Encourages pioneering, chain-breaking, cultivating healthy traditions. Smell from bottle or diffuse.

Douglas Fir (The Oil of Generational Wisdom) Good for clearing negative generational patterns, family issues. Smell from bottle, apply on bottoms of feet, or diffuse.

Zendocrine Detoxification Blend (The Oil of Vitality and Transition) Clears self-sabotage, difficulty with transitions, limiting beliefs, and toxicity - it revitalizes you and makes you open to new experiences. Take 2 drops in a veggie cap, apply on liver, or on bottoms of feet.

This information can be found in the wonderful book, Emotions and Essential Oils, which you can find on my Resources page.

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