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If you'd like to receive guidance in overcoming your challenges (both internal and external) in order to live an abundant and joy-filled life that's aligned with your soul, this is for you.

There are a number of ways we can connect. I primarily work 1:1 with people virtually through the Zoom platform. Please see my 1:1 Sessions and Healing Collective sections below for more details. You can read my About page here to see why I feel qualified for this work.


You can read Testimonials from people I've worked with here.

I also added a section at the bottom detailing my Cancelation Policy.

Thank you for your interest and curiosity about what I am offering and how we may work together. I look forward to connecting with you more!

Have questions about how we could work together? Email me at emily@guidetowholenesshealing.com 

Hours & Availability

My schedule tends to fill up and typically you will need to schedule your sessions in advance. At present, I am working Tuesday evening EST and Saturdays during the day.

You are welcome to schedule online at your convenience (see button below). When scheduling first-time appointments (either Initial Visits or Healing Collectives) you will be required to enter in a credit card number to hold the appointment.


You will be charged before your appointment, and your credit card info will never be shared or used without your consent.

If you have trouble finding a time that works for you, please contact me directly (emily@guidetowholenesshealing.com), as I may have availability that is not listed via my online scheduling.


If you find a time that you like and want to come in regularly, I suggest booking out as far in advance to ensure you are able to get in. Again, please contact me if you have scheduling questions or concerns.

1:1 Sessions

My rates are $100/hr + $200/2hrs

Initial Integrative Visit: (1 hour) – Includes in-depth consultation to get to know you, your goals, and what areas we'll focus on

Integrative Follow Up: (1 hour) – This session is crafted according to what you need in the moment, as well as your long terms goals. All healing practices may be used, including health coaching, astrology, essential oils, chakras, and more.


Extended Integrative Follow Up: (2 hours) – This session is the same as the one above except it’s longer! It’s good for when you really want to unpack an area and deep dive


Healing Collectives

These healing collectives are designed to create intentional space over time for deep transformation to occur. We will still work together 1:1, similar to my above offerings, but these collectives also offer the added benefit of cost reduction as packages. If you are a new client to me, you do not need to book an initial visit first – you are welcome to dive right in!


I offer these as one month or three-month collectives. You will receive a personalized essential oil rollerball blend to support you and holistic protocols throughout our work together. Here’s a breakdown of each option:

Career & Business Leadership: With over 7 years of experience in large corporate international environments, I have direct experience with leaving an unfulfilling career and creating a new one aligned with my values and talents. I would take great pleasure in helping you do the same. Whether your desire is to reignite passion and purpose in your current career, transition from one professional field into another or move toward entrepreneurship and self-employment, I can guide you with creative steps to make that a reality. We will partner on where you’re looking to expand, using a holistic approach. Connect with me on my LinkedIn to learn more about my background

Self Knowledge, Mindset & Emotions: This is for you if you want comprehensive integrative support in getting to a place of self-acceptance, self-love, and peace. This includes developing a vision and ideal lifestyle design. If you’re struggling with difficult life transitions, mental/emotional challenges, identity issues, and healing from trauma, and would like to uncover what is holding you back and how to overcome these obstacles, this is for you.

Intuitive & Highly Sensitive: This is for you if you’re looking to develop your intuition and/or spiritual practice. If you're highly sensitive, empathic, and you want to learn how to use your sensitivities to guide your life, this for you. If you want to find a way to strengthen your relationship to spirit, I would be honored to guide you.


Please note that in some cases these areas may overlap in our sessions as all things have a way of being connected, so you can choose which one you’d like to focus on the most.

Cancelation Policy

I make every attempt to be available to as many people as possible. In respect for this intention and in consideration of others who also need appointments, I ask for 24 hours notice in advance of any appointment cancellation or rescheduling.


Please make changes online as soon as possible if you need to cancel and/or reschedule. All appointments (including Initial Visits) that are canceled or rescheduled within less than 24 hours of advanced notice, and appointments missed without notice, will be charged in full. Exceptions will be made for the following cancellations within 24 hours:

  • Medical and family emergencies: no charge

  • Rescheduling for another appointment within the same week: no charge

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I'm your guide in helping you overcome your wellness challenges (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) using sustainably and ethically produced plant-based tools coupled with integrative techniques so you can live and lead an inspired life!