1:1 conscious 

I want to work with you!


If you'd like to receive guidance in overcoming your challenges in order to live an abundant and joy-filled life that's aligned with your soul, this is for you.

Would you like improve different areas of your life, find out what your 'why' is?

Are you at a pivotal point in your life where you know you need to invest in yourself and make a change, but you need guidance?


Are you struggling with stress, low confidence, and anxious feelings that you know you can overcome, but just don't know how?

I've been able to heal myself and transform my life over the past few years, and I'm here to support you in your transformation!


Together, we will do the work of resetting your mind so that it's aligned with abundance and faith. 

Faith in yourself, and in the universe.

You'll receive guidance and clarity on your next steps, holistic self care practices that cover all body systems, sacred and loving space to express and release your emotions, as well as support with making choices that lead to balance and peace

You'll have a safe space to be vulnerable, ask questions, and release buried emotions and heal past traumas, with someone who has been there before and overcome it.

What You Will Get:

-A 1-hour 1-on-1 coaching session

- The ability to focus on specific areas in your life that are holding you back living your full potential

-  Develop action steps to move forward in all areas of your life to be your most balanced, joyful, authentic & grounded version of yourself


- Mentorship program for one month or 3 months. That's how you'll be able to implement actions and see changes!

What You Will Gain:

- Insight and awareness into who you truly are at your core and the ability to release what isn't serving you anymore

- Strategies and tools to heal yourself on all levels, and overcome setbacks and limitations

- Personal growth resources and tools that support you in 

- Manifestation best practices to create your dream life

- Creating work life balance for a fulfilling life

- A step by step plan for wellness that fits your needs

- Self confidence that comes from knowing and valuing yourself

What I help with:




Holistic Health

Finding your why in life

Creating routines and habits that lead to success as well as a balanced life


Generational Healing



Personal growth

Self Love

Healing Addictions

Plant based nutrition

Law of attraction

"Emily epitomizes what a wellness coach should be: she’s fully focused on our holistic wellbeing and an advocate for whichever alternative natural healing path resonates with us and gets us back on track. Personally, I struggled with feeling anxious, and after just one month of meditating and using the curated protocol of essential oils Emily suggested, my anxious feelings dramatically reduced by about 90%! I couldn’t believe it - nothing I had tried previously worked so effectively. Emily is warm, open, vivacious, generous, and is always looking out for your best interest. "

- Aliya P.

Where You've Seen Me

I'm your guide in helping you overcome your wellness challenges (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) using sustainably and ethically produced plant-based tools coupled with integrative techniques so you can live and lead an inspired life!