Why become a conscious leader?



  • Free Empowered Success System of videos and pdfs that teaches you the steps to launch, grow, and  maintain your business

  • Free Launch Series of videos from me sharing my top tips for starting and growing your business

  • Monthly Team Training in our Leaders FB Group

  • Monthly Team Continuing Education via our Leaders FB Group



  • Become a collaborative member of a worldwide community of inspiring people that are ambitious and successful

  • Be seen for who you are

  • We use personality tools to understand our selves and each other better so we can work better together

  • This whole business model is based on community, our individual actions affect each other outcomes and together we share these gifts from the earth from our own form of unique medicine


Share Your Passion

  • Share your love for oils with others

  • Educate people on the value of natural wellness

  • Contribute to developing  communities around the world and charitable causes via our team Healing Hands Projects

  • Teach others how to also live a conscious lifestyle!


Earn Extra Income

  • Pay for Your Oils

  • Supplement Your Income

  • Replace Your Income

how it works
  • You'll order your oils and they'll delight you, and you'll start incorporating them in your wellness routine, home, your emotional health, your physical health, and more

  • In no time at all, you see real, tangible results in all aspects of your life – spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

  • You use & love the products and educate yourself, then you easily teach others how to also live a conscious lifestyle! We're students and teachers simultaneously

  • Myself, along with other leaders on Conscious Leaders, will open our arms to you and will now mentor you on how to share the gift of doTERRA with others 

  • You’re provided free training and mentoring, all within a safe and location-independent environment with people just like you!

  • This keeps you moving, inspired and in alignment with your purpose

Biz Training & Support

  • Included 1:1 mentoring from me and access to our Leadership FB group which has all the content you'll need to launch and thrive

  • In exchange for this, you show up for yourself by contributing

  • Access to a monthly team coaching call 

  • Two private team groups on Facebook where you will join others in a supportive community and get exclusive access to essential oil information

  • Training resources, including a launch guide video series, leadership trainings, social media assets, team call recordings, and more

My story

I wanted a career that allowed me time and financial freedom while feeling fulfilled and making a positive impact. Unlimited potential for personal and financial growth, with the ability to be my own boss and travel the world. I didn't know what this career would be, so I held this intention and soon my journey as a Wellness Advocate began. 


After working in a career path I didn't feel aligned with in London and NYC, I was burnt out and feeling empty. I knew that in order to truly be healthy, I needed a career that I truly aligned with and I had to find healthier, non-toxic ways of living.


My 'why' for joining was the opportunity to be part of a natural healthcare movement, supported by a positive residual income flow while empowering others in their wellness. 

After joining, I got that and so much more: personal development and a community of successful and like-minded supportive people. Watch this video to learn more about my journey and this opportunity here.


Plus the opportunity to be part of a movement that's empowering people in their wellness with a heart-centered company that's doing things differently than most.

the company


  • Debt-free & privately held, so free from stakeholder decision & influence - this is key

  • Largest network marketing company in the US

  • Named the largest essential oil company in the world by Verify Markets

  • Part of $4.2 trillion wellness market

  • Sales in 110 countries & growing

  • Unique and unrivaled quality products
    (96% of dōTERRA oils are exclusive)

  • Led by an executive team of innovators
    with 150+ years of combined industry

  • 65% retention 

  • 85% of the company is customers, not builders. The product speaks for itself

  • Creates economic opportunity and
    financial stability in developing nations.

  • Gives back to disadvantaged
    communities through the dōTERRA
    Healing Hands Foundation®.

  • Pays growers fairly and preserves
    agricultural knowledge through
    Cō-Impact Sourcing®.

  • Science-backed company with transparent quality testing standards! Learn more at sourcetoyou.com.

These are the types of people I'm looking for




Join Me If You
  • Love helping others, you have a big heart

  • Value natural tools & health, like to always learn new ways to take care of yourself

  • Have a health/coaching business or desire to have one, I can teach you how to integrate

  • Want to create a legacy

  • Focus on personal development, you've done & continue to do the work

  • Are passionate 

  • Are resourceful

  • Take action

  • Love to learn

  • Have integrity and your actions reflect that

  • Love being energized by team energy, but you’re also a self-starter.

  • Are interested in a better and more nourishing way to earn, lead, and contribute.

These are the types of people I'm not looking for


  • Looking to get rich quick

  • Dabbling/jump from one thing to the next

  • People that haven't done their personal development work

how to become a conscious leader

1. Apply below

2. Kickstart the process by ordering your oils here. (I recommend starting with the Healthy Start Kit)

3. Once you've done that I'll be in touch for scheduling a 30 minute Zoom call to see if we're an aligned fit.

4. If you know someone that would be a great fit, please refer them to me!

Please fill out this application to apply to become a Conscious Leader
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I'm your guide in helping you overcome your wellness challenges (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) using sustainably and ethically produced plant-based tools coupled with integrative techniques so you can live and lead an inspired life!