Why become a guide to wholeness healing wellness advocate?





Earn Extra Income

  • Pay for Your Oils

  • Supplement Your Income

  • Replace Your Income


Biz Training

  • 2 week training call program from the top earners  (Patrick & Alyse Sedivy) that teaches you everything

  • Monthly Team Training on Zoom

  • Monthly Team Continuing Education



  • Caring, lasting bonds with other team members

  • Spiritual High Vibes are a part of our team culture

  • A Course In Miracles, Law of Attraction, Law of Abundance, Manifesting, etc.


Share Your Passion

  • Share your love for oils with others

  • Educate people on the value of natural wellness

  • No pressure, no sales quotas, no monthly totals

Biz Training & Support


There is an exclusive online training developed by our upline, the top ranking Presidential Diamond advocates in the company Alyse and Patrick Sedivy! You will learn everything here, and have my support every step of the way.


In addition, you will receive:

  • free weekly business coaching sessions

  • access to a monthly team coaching call 

  • two private essential oil team groups (on Facebook) where you will join hundreds of other people in a supportive community and get exclusive access to essential oil information

  • membership site access with training resources, including a launch guide video series, leadership trainings, social media assets, team call recordings, and more

  • 2 week training call program from the top advocates in the company, that teaches you everything

My story

I wanted a career that allowed me time and financial freedom while feeling fulfilled and making a positive impact. Unlimited potential for personal and financial growth, with the ability to be my own boss and travel the world. I didn't know what this career would be, so I held this intention and soon my journey as a Wellness Advocate began. And let me tell you, it's WORKING!


After working in corporate marketing in London and NYC, I was burnt out and feeling empty, like I no longer enjoyed working this hard for work I wasn't passionate about. I knew that in order to truly be healthy, I needed a career that I truly aligned with.


My 'why' for joining was the opportunity to be part of a natural healthcare movement, supported by a positive residual income flow while empowering others in their wellness. (Meaning, you make money even when you're not working, with little upfront cost).  I want to travel and see as much as the world as possible, and my work with doTERRA is making this possible.


After joining, I got that and so much more: personal development, and a community of successful and like-minded supportive people. Plus the opportunity to be part of a MOVEMENT that's empowering people in their wellness with a wonderful company.



Join Me If You


  • Feel stuck in your current career.

  • Are ready to create a business and lifestyle that you love.

  • Want to build a business you can work from anywhere

  • Want to be surrounded by other successful heart centered entrepreneurs who will inspire you and help you reach your goals.

  • Want to set your own hours and make big money

  • Are coachable, teachable, and willing to learn

  • Are already in the health and wellness industry or want to break into it.

These are the types of people I'm looking for


  • active use of natural health and wellness care products in your everyday life and with your family (cleaning products, bath / spa care products, wellness maintenance) (Becoming a wellness advocate yourself is a FANTASTIC way to get your essential oils for FREE!)

  • appreciation for plant medicine being a valued and supportive means to stay well (emotionally, physically and in the home)

  • leadership qualities – driven to succeed at being your own boss, striving towards your own successful career sharing essential oils

  • open, supportive attitude in working with me, willingness to learn and take guidance from me along your journey towards your essential oil success

  • understanding and respect for my spiritual connectedness, expertise in female business entrepreneurship and direct leadership style

how to become a guide to wholeness healing wellness advocate


1. Become a Wholesale Customer on our Guide to Wholeness Healing EO Team

2. Start using your oils personally

3. Speak with your enroller about becoming a wellness advocate

4. Start enjoying the benefits of our resources and mentoring program!

5. Go Down the Rabbit Hole & Have Fun!!!

Please fill out this application to become a wellness advocate on our Guide to Wholeness EO Team and Emily will get back to you

Where You've Seen Me

I'm your guide in helping you overcome your wellness challenges (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) using sustainably and ethically produced plant-based tools coupled with integrative techniques so you can live and lead an inspired life!