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Emily is a Certified Integrative Life Coach, Reiki Level 1 Practioner, Certified Essential Oil Specialist, recovery advocate, spiritual guide, and author. She helps empower people to support their wellness naturally through natural tools, so they can find their way back to wholeness and live an aligned and abundant life.

In 2016, Emily's dad passed away suddenly from alcoholism. She took stock of her own life and decided it was vital to live a life on purpose. She became an advocate for wellness out of her own transformative journey in healing.


After 5 years in Corporate America with a short stint in London,  she left New York City for Boston to start her path on healing and living an authentic life, which for her means peace, freedom, fulfilling work and traveling the world.

Her dad's passing from alcoholism shined a light on her own addiction, as well as the core wounds, limiting beliefs, and ancestral behavioral patterns that were driving her life.


Because she discovered and used medical grade essential oils, she was able to reduce feelings of self-doubt and she also stopped drinking alcohol.

Essential oils gave her freedom: from addiction, from anxious feelings, from limiting beliefs and from emotional wounds. That's why she became a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, an ethical and conscious company with the highest quality of essential oils in the world.

The oils are used in conjunction with 1:1 guidance along with other somatic tools like breathwork because there is only so much we can change with our minds. We are integrative beings.

Emily has been interested in wellness & nutrition ever since she was a little girl, and overcame a childhoold illness at age 3. She is wise beyond her years in this way and believes everyone deserves to lead an elevated, balanced, and fulfilling life.

Emily got her coaching certification with the Integrative Wellness Academy, where there is a belief that wellness in mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health are all interconnected. All decisions made should lead toward wholeness.


In fact, she believes spirituality is at the core of all that we do, and that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.


She is here to hold sacred space for you in your personal transformation, to show you that you can access your own inner wisdom to overcome anxiety and uncertainty during times of transition. And we're always in transition!


Emily is a writer on Medium and Thought Catalog and is currently writing her memoir. Emily is the host of the Plant Wisdom Podcast, you can listen here or on Apple/Spotify.

Use her online wellness suite for inspiring ideas and guidance into a  natural & balanced lifestyle you design. Dive into her site and social pages to learn more about what an authentic, healthy, and free life looks like.

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I'm your guide in helping you overcome your wellness challenges (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) using sustainably and ethically produced plant-based tools coupled with integrative techniques so you can live and lead an inspired life!